Sadly, Part Of The Reason Cunningham Will Lose

We’ve been thinking about the many reasons Sarah Lynn Cunningham will lose.

Nope, it’s not just because Morgan McGarvey is the establishment pick and not because Amy Shoemaker ignorantly decided to run in a race she had no business jumping into (articulate, sure, though still mostly unaware of her district).

It’s not because A Kentucky Newspaper picked the establishment guy, either.

It’s primarily because of things like this:


Letters from prominent folks and mailers from organizations like Kentuckians For The Commonwealth that have gone out to hundreds of people who don’t even live in the 19th District.

Enough to make your eyes roll back in your head. Especially since she’s such a great candidate.

7 thoughts on “Sadly, Part Of The Reason Cunningham Will Lose

  1. She’s also going to lose because McGarvey outworked all the other candidates. He’s gone door-to-door almost every day since he filed. Wouldn’t that make him the grassroots candidate, also?

  2. Nope, walking for an hour doesn’t make him a grassroots candidate. There’s no way he’s gone every day. What he has done has been for the sake of appearance.

    I’ve seem Amy Shoemaker out more than him. A lot more. And I’ve seen Sarah Lynn Cunningham out a few times.

  3. If you really think that either of those two candidates have walked more than McGarvey has, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. That’s not even close to accurate.

  4. Really? I’m all over that district all the time.


    Prove it. Show me the walk sheets. I want video and photos of McGarvey that are dated and time stamped. Let me see the specific notes made about McGarvey’s interaction with each individual voter.

    Put up or shut up.

    I’ve personally seen the other two candidates on a regular basis. Morgan? Only when it’s convenient and when there are cameras around. And never for more than an hour or two.

    The kid has the campaign ethic of Jack Conway, to say the least.

  5. I’ve voted in every cycle, primary or general election, and I am a registered Democrat–you’d think that would mean that I’d have gotten some correspondence, a phone call or a visit from at least 2 of the candidates. Nope, only Amy Shoemaker rang my bell and we had a very nice discussion and she won my vote. She may not win, but not many do win their first race. Politics are always personal, and it seems some forgot that fundamental lesson.

  6. A great candidate? It is important to remember that Sarah Lynn endorses building the current downtown Louisville bridge project and not the much needed east end bridge. This position is in direct consequence to public opinion and the consensus among of urban planners, economic development experts, and traffic engineers. I’m sure she is a well intentioned individual but she is dead wrong on this issue. The people of Louisville do not support tolls to build unmarketable infrastructure on the city’s central business district riverfront.

  7. Sadly all of the candidates are terrible on this issue and fail to understand the severity of the situation. Local and state officials are committing fraud against their constituents by not admitting to the tradeoffs necessary to construct the full project. All available data points toward a tolled Sherman-Minton bridge if not spaghetti junction. All $700 million in bonds will not be covered by the tolls collected and IN and KY are not stepping up to cover the shortfall.

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