Parker’ll Save You From Nobama & Public School

Maybe people wouldn’t be freaking out about two tiny parking spots if Louisville were more pedestrian-friendly and more people walked to alleviate their fat problem? [C-J/AKN]

A University of Louisville professor doesn’t believe rallies will end violence. Because guess what? They won’t. [FOX41]

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not backing down on its promise to engage in the most aggressive campaign operation in its 100 year history, despite a recent court decision that would require disclosure of secret donors behind issue ads. [Politico]

Here’s a teevee story about the Ohio River Bridges Debacle allegedly creating thousands of jobs. No mention, of course, that those jobs will eventually land in Indiana and thousands of others will move there. [WAVE3]

Nope, no one turned out to vote. So few voted, in fact, that it is embarrassing to be a Kentuckian at the moment. [H-L]

WHAS11 spent an entire 11:00 P.M. segment last night on this lady sex book called “Fifty Shades of Grey” because it is apparently big, important news on election night. [WHAS11]

What’s that? You mean the Metro Sewer District wants to raise your rates another 6.5% and they waited until election day to hide that news? Surely not! [C-J/AKN]

Bullying is a real issue, sure, even on Facebook. But targeting online bullying isn’t going to stop the violence occurring in Louisville’s streets. [WLKY]

BRAVE PATRIOT Teabagger Birther Marilyn Parker is now essentially a Louisville Metro Council member. PEE ALERT. Let’s take this trip down the crazy lane. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Despite Louisville’s attempts to build a healthy culture around biking through the addition of bicycle lanes across the city and promotion of events such as last week’s Bike to Work Day, Kentucky overall has been less bike friendly, according to a new study. [Business First]

What? Metro Parks needs work? You don’t say. Louisville has scored near the bottom on a new ranking of park systems in the nation’s 40 largest cities. The city came in 38th. [WFPL]

Why the hell did it take a judge to decide it was okay for a kid to wear a gay t-shirt? [WKYT]

9 thoughts on “Parker’ll Save You From Nobama & Public School

  1. In reference to the WFPL story about metro parks. Louisville claims to be a city of parks. but in my opinion our parks looks ugly,cheap and out dated. broken asphalt. ugly mulch. lack of landscaping in common areas. a shortage of park benches. I live near Seneca, and use the walking loop a few times a week. in some places you’re lucky if you don’t turn your ankle. If you go to other city parks they have modern playground equipment and padding. their sidewalks/walking paths are better kept. I can see why Louisville had such a low rating.

  2. Anybody can find something to nitpick when it comes to the parks but no one can deny that Louisville has great parks. Large and small, they’re a great resource.

    But it’s silly to say we’re a city of parks when whistleblowers are fired and demonized, directors are allowed to drink and drive in city-owned vehicles and people like Marty Storch allow their friends to personally profit from our hard-earned tax dollars.

  3. My Family and I love our parks and I agree they are a great resource. but we can do better. sounds like it might be time for a change in management

  4. I was comparing Louisville parks on the web with city’s like Nashville Indy Jacksonville. Louisville parks are below all 3 of those cities. Even Detroit is ranked way higher than Louisville what does that tell you. Sounds like it’s time for a management shake up if we want to claim we are the city of parks

  5. Mayor Fischer had his chance to rid parks of Heitz when he was caught enjoying some adult drinks at KT’s and then making the bone head decision to cruise home in something our tax money pays for. we deserve to be down on the list, with managment and leaderhip decisions like that. might as well turn the parks over to cordish and let them run it

  6. All major cities are likely net tax exporters to their state, but relative to Louisville’s GDP the city contributes a truly staggering amount to Frankfort. Last time I checked the imbalance was in the $700 million per year range.

    Because …of this imbalance Louisville is a challenging city to run. Civic government’s cannot print money. Somethings got to give, and when it comes down to public safety and the myriad other demands on limited city gov’t funds, it is logical that parks and libraries remain underfunded. To understand this aspect of Louisville’s economic headwinds one must realize that KY is set up to favor rural interests. By having the 3rd most counties in a state with 4.4 million people, the game is rigged in rural interests favor. Unfortunately Louisville’s citizens suffer the consequences of this imbalance. I don’t fault Louisville’s leadership for the existence of this systemic competitive challenge. What I do fault them for is not demanding the economic tools necessary for Louisville to compete in the 21st century.

  7. Last I checked, the library underfunding wasn’t as based in reality as we’d like to believe.

    Jerry Abramson wanted to take library tax revenue to run the libraries while pulling a ton of library funding to put in the general pot. Bait & Switch but the liberal regulars lost their shit when the facts came out.

    But about Parks – We won’t know if Louisville needs additional funds for Parks because the management is so abysmal. Won’t know until actual competent folks are in place.

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