Nope, Definitely Not Most Compassionate Or Safest

What was that, Greg, about Louisville being the most compassionate city in the country? What was that, again, about Louisville being the safest city in the nation? Quit with the damn buzz words. You looked and sounded like an imbecile while 95% of the city was stressed and saddened over yesterday’s tragic mess of death. For the sake of this city and the people who are hurting, quit with the buzz words. [Wake Up, Greg]

Everybody is apparently pissed over whatever Christopher 2X said on the teevee. [FOX41]

Morgan McGarvey will win this race with the endorsements his daddy got him. Without daddy, Crit and Jack wouldn’t know who Morgan is. [C-J/AKN]

Do you have faith that “Metro leaders” will be able to put a plan into place to stop all the violence in Louisville? [WAVE3]

From the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet: As mandated by the Kentucky Legislature, uninsured motorists across the Commonwealth will begin receiving notices in June that registrations for their personal vehicles will be canceled if they do not obtain required insurance or show proof of existing insurance. [Press Release & More Info]

West End residents are less than happen about the spree of recent shootings, to say the least. But this doesn’t mean the West End is the only place crimes are being committed. [WHAS11]

Louisville is apparently the 18th most miserable city in the United States of America. Are you surprised? [Business Insider]

WLKY’s teevee people – since it’s hype week – say they have: “uncovered serious gaps in metro Louisville’s first-response system where hundreds of people in dire medical emergencies did not get help in time to save them.” Forgive us for being skeptical about anything Neal Richmond has to say and any blame he places on the Fire Department. He’s not in Louisville often enough to know what’s going on. [WLKY]

Read this story from June 2000. You’ll have Butchertown-Swift flashbacks like woah. [Pulitzer]

Almost nobody is going to go vote on Tuesday. All those television advertising dollars? Completely wasted. [H-L]

Why is it Boy Scouts get to camp out all over the place but the city’s homeless aren’t permitted to do so? [C-J/AKN]

The economy is still struggling to gain momentum, though long-term trends remain expansionary, the Conference Board declared, as it reported that its index of leading economic indicators dipped in April for the first decline since September. [Business First]

Will anybody ride their bike in to work today? You know, the handful of people who have jobs? Or are they all afraid of getting shot up? Maybe they’re just afraid of dying on the 2nd Street Bridge or Lower Brownsboro? [WFPL]

6 thoughts on “Nope, Definitely Not Most Compassionate Or Safest

  1. I was watching the Your World In 90 Seconds segment on CBS’ The Morning Show this morning and it was so sad to see Louisville yet again make national news for the wrong reasons. Murder on the backside of Churchill this.

  2. Re: business insider list

    I am confident that with Greg Fisher’s cracker jack leadership, we’ll be able break into the top ten before he leaves office.

  3. Exactly how does Fischer & company think that increasing police presence and opening a dialogue with community leaders is going to encourage people with criminal behavior or rage issues from acting out? Maybe if these leaders were willing to be actually accountable for their own behavior and lead by being truly honest in their dealings, they’d have better luck influencing others.

  4. There wasn’t a single New Jersey city on that most miserable city list. Have the writers ever been to dangerous shit cans like Trenton, Newark or Camden ? Hell, whatever one thinks about Louisville, it wouldn’t rank in the top 30 of New Jersey’s miserable cities. Now there’s a slogan for Louisville’s ice king Mayor…We’d look good if we were in New Jersey. Why, it’s even possible that possum billy’s city would be in the top 10 of New Jersey’s best places.

  5. Auto insurance: Every year when I pay my auto tax & renew my tag, I have to either snail-mail my “proof of insurance” or have my agent fax it to the Co. Clerk’s office – because they do NOT have my company/insurer listed in their database. So, if they can’t find the insurance of someone who ALWAYS maintains it, how can they hope to find the scofflaws who obtain it only long enough to renew??

  6. G-town, they place the burden on the insurance carrier. In other states, they require the insurance carrier to notify the county clerk when coverage is dropped by a driver. The clerk then sends out a notice requiring proof of insurance within a certain number of days.

    That said, even if they carry the minimum, they might as well not be insured at all. This is why I maintain full uninsured and under-insured coverages. The odds of getting hit my someone with full coverage is pretty minimal these days.

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