LWC-MSD Merger Will Only Hurt If You’re Tense

So, how excited are you that Greg Fischer is pushing for the merger of LWC and MSD, just like we said he would? [More Fischer Logic]

Maybe Barbara Shanklin should have thought about both nepotism and her grandson’s shenanigans before hiring him. Her pleas fall on deaf ears at this point. [WFPL]

Check out this crazy guy who attacked a man in District Court with a three-foot tree limb. [FOX41]

Here’s a nice look at how Louisvillians will be screwed by the Louisville Water Company and Metro Sewer District. BEND OVER AND GRAB YOUR ANKLES! [C-J/AKN]

Louisville really is Possibility City. Because there’s a distinct possibility that you’re going to be found shot to death. [WAVE3]

Lexington is trying like crazy to be just like Louisville. That town has gone so far as to start killing pedestrians on a daily basis. [H-L]

What would you do if you found a strange man in your house at 4:00 A.M. only wearing a shirt? [WHAS11]

Is Thomas Massie a big time jobs creator? Not so much. And he’s following directly in Rand Paul’s hypocritical footsteps. [Page One Here & Here]

WLKY is playing captain obvious this week. The latest hyped up story is about how many uninsured drivers there are on the roads. [WLKY]

For real – Lexington’s financial future is called bleak. It’s absolutely trying to mimic everything Louisville does. [Business First]

Metro Animal Services says it wants to find who shot and killed this dog. We’re more worried about finding someone who can actually run Metro Animal Services without killing a thousand animals each month. [More FOX41]

If the state legislature approves this LWC-MSD merger? You can just start bending over right now. It won’t save consumers any cash but will certainly make it easier for people like Bud Shart… her… Schardein to pocket mountains of cash. [84WHAS]