Just How Fat IS Compassionate Possibility City?

Here’s how the paper in Lexington started out about West End murders yesterday: A woman was charged Monday with murder in one shooting death and police are seeking information into the unrelated deaths of two other people who were shot the same day just a block away in a crime-riddled west Louisville neighborhood. [H-L]

The guy with the worst television commercials on earth – yes, worst than Darryl Isaacs – unfortunately had his store robbed. [FOX41]

Cultivating Fear: The Vulnerability of Immigrant Farmworkers in the US to Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment. You should go read the 95-page report. [Human Rights Watch]

According to a new census released on Monday, more Louisville families are homeless than before. [WAVE3]

Curt Morrison, in another attempt to promote Amy Shoemaker, continued a mistruth about Morgan McGarvey. McGarvey may be a child of privilege and may be the establishment pick. But he’s most certainly not the reason Amy Shoemaker was originally bumped from speaking at that event – we explained that weeks ago. And insinuating that the McGarvey Family is racist? Maybe the eye roll-worthy Denise Harper Angel would be getting kicked out of office this year if Curt put half as much effort into actually campaigning as he does pushing misinformation like this about McGarvey. [Curt Morrison]

You know why Louisville can’t have nice things? Because people like this allegedly order their four-year-olds to stab people. [WHAS11]

Louisville was ranked No. 48 out of 50 markets in a recent health and fitness survey. Which shouldn’t come as a shock to at you all. [Business First]

A man shot his wife and then killed himself. Yet another compassionate event in Possibility City. [WLKY]

Soil testing in the yards of fifty homes bordering the former Black Leaf Chemical site in Louisvilleā€™s Park Hill neighborhood has revealed levels of carcinogens in all of them. And nine of those homes had even higher levels of contamination. [WFPL]

Been wondering what’s up with the Kentucky Retirement Systems lately? Here’s a taste of the latest shenanigans. [Page One]

Seven Jeffersonville businesses in the path of the proposed I-65 bridge are expected to move. [C-J/AKN]

4 thoughts on “Just How Fat IS Compassionate Possibility City?

  1. 1. Little John’s commericals are horrible

    2. I did chuckle at the mom and the 4 year old….lol

  2. Isaacs’ commercials actually look “canned” to me – available stock footage for sale to cheesy attorneys. Little John may actually be employing locals to do his campy spots. (But I was pulled up mightily the first time I heard the commercial for the local “pawn guys” with all its innuendo!)

    Politics: I really sorta hope I didn’t waste my vote on Curt M. Frankly, I was so tired of being inundated with multiple postcards from Denise H-A. every day – & her ALEC connection.

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