Jerry Abramson On Tolling Bridges In Louisville

Jerry Abramson made some interesting remarks about why Louisville is resorting to tolls while he tip-toed around Northern Kentucky:

Kentucky Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson explained why Louisville needed tolls to fund its $3.5 billion two-bridge project on the Ohio River.

“We had a reality check,” said Abramson, in remarks similar to what he told the Business Courier last August. “I’m not advocating for you one way or the other. But in Louisville, without tolls, we would not be building those bridges.”

You should read the entire piece. It’s all a mix of people coming up with various excuses for tolling.

4 thoughts on “Jerry Abramson On Tolling Bridges In Louisville

  1. Without tolls we could build a 6-lane east end bridge and require all non-local tractor-trailers to bypass the city. We could also afford modest spaghetti junction improvements while planning for the replacement of the Kennedy bridge with a well-designed, modestly tolled bridge. It is only the large political contributions that bankrolled Abramson and Fischer that prevent this logical solution to our problem. Instead we are building an incredibly regressive project based on a fraudulently optimistic financial plan. Local officials are fully aware that the 2/3rds tolling scenario is fatally flawed. By not admitting to the full trade-offs our elected officials are committing fraud against their constituents.

  2. New bridges and expanded expressways lead to more land development, according to a documentary on lessons learned in New York anyway. I’m sure Utica will be bustling in a few years.

  3. Oh, I meant to add that more land development leads to a greater need for more bridges and even wider expressways, which leads to more land development, etc., etc. Can you hear the saliva dripping from the contractor’s gaping maws as its hitting the politicians war chests?

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