How Much Hype Can Local TV Produce This Week?

Here’s what police can’t tell you about this case: they believe Gregory Holt’s murder was in retaliation for an attempted murder the previous evening – by his mother. And drugs are allegedly involved. A lot of drugs. Seems the prosecutor’s office has threatened some officers for trying to conduct a deeper investigation, so, uh, it’s time to call the CA out. Mainstreamers need to a dig a bit more deeply for the real story. [FOX41]

There’s a lot of talk in the local press about ending child abuse. But don’t forget one of the biggest childhood problems – hunger! Donate to Dare to Care. [Click Here]

How badly will the Time Warner transition from Insight hurt? Will lubrication be necessary for customers in Louisville? [H-L]

The Jockeys Guild is melting down over Robby Albarado’s situation. His suspension stays until the case is over. [WHAS11]

HAHAHA, have you seen this latest mess in the First District Metro Councilcritter race? It is hilarious. [WFPL]

Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas criticized the behavior of a few of his peers Wednesday, saying the actions of a few recent Kentucky Derby winners have tarnished the reputation of his profession. [WLEX18]

You can’t even go to Waterfront Park these days without having your car burgled or whatever. [WAVE3]

What exactly is the point of destroying this reporter’s cell phone if all data is allowed to be retrieved beforehand? Why not just give it back to him? What a waste of time and taxpayer dollars in Indiana. [C-J/AKN]

Remember Christina Gilkey? She’s the school board president in Clark County (Indianner) and is involved in the selection of the next failed superintendent (let’s get real, here). She was one of the few honest folks there in 2009 and one of the people who tried to do the right thing. Not even she can save that district – that’s how much of a disaster it is. [More WFPL]

In Louisville, federal agencies have a relatively small presence compared to other major cities, according to an analysis of recent employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. [Business First]

The amount of unnecessary hype in this story is so thick you’ll gag. Property reassessment notices went out a few weeks ago for metro Louisville, but the rate of those reassessments is the lowest it’s been in years. [WLKY]

Thomas Massie seems to have a problem with Kentucky Open Meetings laws and the Office of the Attorney General is sniffing around. [Page One]

3 thoughts on “How Much Hype Can Local TV Produce This Week?

  1. Thank you, Mr. D. Wayne Lukas! I have been very uncomfortable about the recent “class” of Derby trainers, too. They not only tarnish their profession, but the “reputation” of the venerable Kentucky Derby and the whole thoroughbred industry.

  2. Re PVA: I have other concerns about Metro revenue derived from property assessments, including:
    An ever-growing roster of tax-exempt housing; big evaluation swings among similar properties on the same block; the often huge discrepancy between a residential property & an “investment” property of similar size, condition, & characteristics, sometimes right next door; the continued abuse of the Homestead Exemption by some families when spouses EACH SEPARATELY claim it, on their residence & also on an investment property, in order to reduce their tax obligation (although the PVA supposedly has a staffer investigating this); deceased people still holding title with a Homestead Exemption; people who have inherited or purchased homes from relatives and then maintain or receive a low evaluation compared to neighboring homes; people who conceal the presence of another bathroom, or new exterior construction/improvements done without obtaining permits, therefore keeping a lower assessment.

  3. I recently resigned as the Director of Investigations for the Jefferson county PVA office. In response to G’town Reader you have brought up some very good points that I brought to light during my time with the PVA. I wish I could say that they have all been rectified but they haven’t. As far as tax exempt properties I will say that they have decreased dramatically due to the fact of an outstanding employee named Renee Harlow. She is going one by one checking on every property to see if they meet the legal recquirements of exemption. I removed thousands of homestead exemptions but due to the volume it will contiue to take time before each one is looked at individually. Tony Lindauer is really trying to handle the problems and challenges of the PVA office but it willl take at least three more years to really clean it all up.

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