Heads-Up: Attorneys Should Maybe Pay Attention

Any attorneys out there want to chap some Democratic rear end?

You’ve got a perfect opportunity with a whistleblower.

And now AFSCME 2629 is lobbing threats left and right.

If you’re a prominent Republican just salivating to take on a corrupt union and some Democrats at the same time? Here’s your chance. So let’s not beat around the bush.

We’ll publish specifics tomorrow. But you can feel free to email me (Jake) privately and confidentially. Especially if you aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. Especially if you aren’t going to puss out because you’re afraid you’ll hurt your chances of getting a sweet appointment from Greg Fischer or a tasty legal contract.

5 thoughts on “Heads-Up: Attorneys Should Maybe Pay Attention

  1. I’m grabbing the pop corn and getting in line so I can get a ring-side seat!

  2. AFSCME local 2629 endorsed Jim King for Mayor. but at the same time contributed to the campaign of both King and Fischer. when it gets close to election time. they love to make all their members scared, telling everyone there is a threat by Republicans to privatize the parks. most members of AFSCME aren’t even aware of Fair Share or what it is. up to 75% of your union dues go to the finance the Democratic’s campaign.

  3. In the general election, a majority of membership wanted to endorse Hal Heiner but local leadership and state leaders decided to endorse Greg Fischer. (Yes, I have all the emails to prove that. And it would suck butt for 2629 to have all those things revealed – which were never off-the-record, just withheld by me out of respect)

  4. I was one of those in support for Heiner. Union steward Donnie Brown made visits to all the shops preaching Jim King. they claimed Heiner would privatize parks and everyone would be out of a job. they even tried to say that 21st century parks were going to take over running the park system. none of this made any sense to me since Jim King is part of 21st century parks.

  5. The letter writer, David O’Brien Suetholz, was a Fischer campaign supporter. He used to brag about it. So who’s interest is he currently representing? The Union membership’s, the Union leadership’s or the Fischer administration’s?

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