HAHA! BRAVE PATRIOT Marilyn Parker Wins!

Best pee alert EVER!

BRAVE PATRIOT Marilyn Parker won her race for Metro Council.

It’s a dream come true for writers like us who, you know, love batshiz crazy birthers.



Let’s take a trip down the BRAVE PATRIOT Marilyn Parker memory hole of craziness:

We’ll leave it up to you, dear readers, to come up with the funniest of the crazy.

We can’t wait to get gay married to her by a Muslin just for fun! (Remember when she freaked out over that?) And can’t wait to hear more about why she thinks segregation is okay, the New World Order (seriously), why Muslims are responsible for Katrina, among other things.

5 thoughts on “HAHA! BRAVE PATRIOT Marilyn Parker Wins!

  1. I think what did it for me was Marilyn showing up at the JCPS School Board meeting railing against teachers for getting paid too much and how it was all part of Obama’s liberal socialist agenda to indoctrinate. Or something like that. My favorite part was her throwing her fists in the air in triumph as the stacked audience cheered her nutty comments.

    It’s one thing to spout talking points because you’re shrewd enough to know they have an impact. It’s another thing when you spout them without even understanding what you’re saying. Looking at most of these tea party favorites you see people who seem to love the attention without much desire to serve or understand the issues at hand. My favorite part was reading the GOP candidates that endorsed her didn’t even seem to know much about her views. Way to stay connected, guys.

  2. Yeah, in a district where Ackerson won after peeping in windows and rooting through trash or whatever.

    Not exactly a district filled with political intelligence.

  3. Wow. When Marilyn becomes a Louisville Metro Councilwoman after November we can all look forward to Metro Government tackling the truly important things—finding that galdarned birth certificate.

    I remember watching her at an East End festival during her attempt to beat Yarmuth and getting angry that someone so xenophobic and small-minded could be fluffed publicly by scared white people worried about the “coloreds” and the “muslins” and the “homos.”

    This may be good news for the bloggers and the SNL crew, but so sad for anyone capable of thinking outside of their East End compound.

  4. I live in that district. Looks like I’d better look into Teague Ridge’s candidacy, if I want a non teabagging rep on the city council.

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