Forgotten Agency Goes Full-On Embarrassing

These boxes are popping up all over Metro Government offices lately:

How long will it take for Metro employees to receive the begging emails?

Yep, this is the change you got from Greg Fischer’s Metro Animal Services.

One can only imagine the kind of change Louisville could actually accomplish if Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds would bother working with people instead of attacking and belittling them for expressing concern. These donation boxes and pleas for assistance wouldn’t be necessary.

Is it safe for us to say I TOLD YOU SO yet?

11 thoughts on “Forgotten Agency Goes Full-On Embarrassing

  1. Reeks of inefficiency.
    Individuals purchasing needed items ‘retail’, and donating them has to be much more expensive than LMAS making a bulk purchase of the same items.

  2. Nah, she’s not a joke. She’s a government employee making mountains of cash to let Louisville Metro Animal Services rot to the ground.

  3. I have heard that they are killing 1000 a month. If this is true- we have made NO Progress. Go to the Boone County Animal Shelter page on FB and see what we could have had!!! Perhaps an almost empty shelter? I have also heard that the return to owner numbers include some euthanasia numbers? I hope that this is not true!

  4. I wonder if the strays & ferals in my caring neighborhood actually eat better than the imprisoned LMAS cats.
    Well, at least the LMAS cats are shielded from attack by other animals, & from demonic sadistic torturers.

  5. It’s not that you’ve heard it, TRANSPLANTED, you’ve read it. Here.

    They kill something like… 12-14k a year, right? Or am I underestimating things? Can’t remember the figures I’ve reported.

  6. I find this newest initiative very amusing. I was the chief beggar for LMAS from 2009-2011. I would send out e-mails to fosters and volunteers asking them for items we didn’t have or would soon run out of, such as FOOD. When the new regime took over in August 2011, I was told to stop asking people for things as it had gotten back to the Mayor’s office and they found this embarrassing. On one occassion I was told that food had been purchased the day before, I checked with the feeding staff and they said “no it hadn’t.” Management insisted it had, when it was blatently untrue. I guess it’s alright to ask for items that they don’t REALLY need, such as their “wish list” items, AND, after you get the green light from Sadiqa.

  7. Transplanted to Kentucky, you are referring to their “Live Release %” as quoted on a graph in their video on the website. At 14:40 into the video, they state their Live Release % for 2012 is 71.90%. However, right under the words “live release” it says “Includes Owner Requested ET” (or euthanasia). Seriously. What part of LIVE or RELEASE would describe a dead animal? Including a category of dead animals was done purely to increase this percentage.

  8. Back in December I posted a comment about the claim that LMAS put on Facebook that they “always follow up on their adoptions” since I’d had a dog for four months and hadn’t heard a word from them – I must report that last week, nearly a year after we picked him up from LMAS, I got a phone call asking me how everything was going with our “new” dog. So, looks like I must retract my earlier criticism. What seems like an acceptable follow up time frame to me clearly just isn’t the same as Metro’s. Silly me.

  9. Always follow up? HAHA. Right.

    Late March 2011 here. Nary a peep. Though, I also can’t get them to give me my goddamn license that I’ve been trying to renew for FIVE MONTHS, either. I’m sure that has nothing to do with criticism.

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