Fischer Continuing To Drag Feet On LMAS Issues

Greg Fischer is trying to “innovate” everything and here’s how he says he’s going to improve Metro Animal Services:

Increasing Metro Animal Services live release rate of healthy, adoptable animals – The rising homeless pet population creates a huge challenge for Animal Services, which receives more than 12,000 animals yearly. Through greater use of technology and stronger partnerships with vets and advocacy and rescue groups, the number of pets coming into Animal Services will be reduced while pets being returned to owners and adopted by new owners will increase. Goal: increase the live placement rate to the national “best practices” standard of 90 percent within five years.

Unfortunately, he’s had more than a year to implement changes that could have dramatically decreased the kill rates at LMAS. He hasn’t done so.

He’s had a year to get a new staffer who can handle narcotics. He hasn’t done so.

He’s had a year to have LMAS partner with non-profits and community organizations in an attempt to increase adoptions and awareness. What’s he done? He’s allowed his staff to kill dozens and dozens of relationships with organizations, turn away dozens of volunteers and absolutely refuse to work with anybody remotely (and legitimately) critical.

You can mark our words: this goal will not be achieved by Greg Fischer. The rest of his goals? There’s a good chance. But this one? Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

It’ll only happen with a new mayor who takes Louisville Metro Animal Services seriously.

Before you Fischer employees lose your shit and declare us haters? Check yourself. We’ve been one of the only joints in the city to adequately cover LMAS and you know we’re spot-on. And let’s not even get started on no-kill efforts.

11 thoughts on “Fischer Continuing To Drag Feet On LMAS Issues

  1. Please don’t omit the most obvious LMAS achievement to date: In a teevee interview aired earlier this week, Justin Scally admitted to CLEANING CAGES – for his $90,000+ annual salary.

  2. Unfortunately for the animals, I believe you are right, Jake. There are so many things that could be done that (1) cost no money and (2) would signicantly, positively impact the live release rate, but they require leadership to be transparent, engaging and humble.

  3. I don’t *have* to be right, here.

    Fischer could have Miss Bitter Betty/Sadiqa do her fucking job. And maybe have that boy, Justin, do his. And then LMAS wouldn’t be a disaster.

    Doing their jobs would entail: actually working with people, not shit-listing organizations, not pushing solid staffers out, not being nasty to volunteers, actually saving animal lives, maybe following established models that have been proved time and again.

    That’s asking too much, I know.

    Oh, and Sadiqa (since I know you’re reading this): Always expect the tiny cameras and audio recorders, gurl, cause you know they’re watching.

  4. I won’t even get started on how Karen Dickson is an idiot and while there are 800+ animals at LMAS that need to get out in order to live, she is posting about some dog out in Lexington. And when asked about it responds, “A life is a life.” No Kill Louisville has become No Kill Everywhere. It’s a fucking disaster.

  5. Is it a disaster?

    Or are you just bitter for some strange reason?

    Because personal attacks aren’t welcome unless they’re toward an elected official or public figure who chooses to be in the public eye/serve the public.

  6. Fair enough.

    It’s not personal, it’s the truth. LMAS is bursting at the seams. Why hasn’t NKL said one word about it? It’s not as if people have been too busy to post. And when asked about why they’re posting about a dog in Lexington when there are *hundreds* in our own back yard that need help, responded with “A life is a life,” then went on to say LMAS doesn’t send her e-mails. Because that makes it ok.

  7. Dear Katie, Here is the response I was going to send to your half cocked remark on the NKL site, but thought perhaps my response was too harsh, therefore waited. But here it is because it’s apparent you believe you are correct, but I have a different viewpoint:
    Katie, I think you are attempting to make a causal relationship that simply doesn’t exist. Posting out of town dogs that are in need of help isn’t causing or exacerbating the situation at LMAS. NKL continues to try to help the dogs and cats at LMAS, but it is difficult to do when they, and the Fischer administration, have made it clear who is running the shelter and who is not welcome. One of our goals now is to implement programs that keep animals OUT of the shelter to begin with. To that end we operate a successful Pet Food Bank for over a year, are starting a volunteer run Help Line, and will soon have a vaccination program underway. We have not turned our backs on the animals at LMAS, but are trying to find ways to keep them from ever ending up there in the first place.

  8. Actually, it’s quite personal.

    I’d recommend you get off your butt and do something about LMAS instead of attacking others who actually have a years-long history of doing the physical work required to save animals. Trolling Facebook and leaving nasty comments about people you’re bitter over accomplishes the same thing Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds are accomplishing: nothing.

    Though, it does make you look more juvenile than Greg.

    Thank your lucky stars Karen isn’t like me. Because I’m at the point where I believe LMAS should literally be bulldozed and shut down. There is NO REASON for Greg Fischer’s administration to operate an animal shelter. And next to no one else who has latched on to the teat of Metro Government has any business running a shelter.

  9. It’s taken a year to get clean kennels. YIPEE.
    I bet about 600 of the 800 that came into LMAS in May are dead.

  10. I think it is very sad that things have gotten so bad at LMAS, that it has created an environment where two people who want to protect and save harmless animals are turning on one another.

  11. They’re not turning on one another.

    It’s one little girl who has constantly complained about people legitimately trying to help LMAS.

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