Fancy “Chief Community Builder” Caption Contest

Here’s a photo of Dr. James O’Brien and Sadiqa Reynolds at the grand opening of the University of Louisville’s new geriatrics facility:

You all know Sadiqa – she’s the woman directly responsible for most of the problems at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

So that’s why it’s time for a caption contest!

Have at it.

10 thoughts on “Fancy “Chief Community Builder” Caption Contest

  1. “A Long, Gray Moment”

    Dr. O’Brien: “I am deliriously happy to open this new facility for our graying population, many of whom represent our Greatest Generation. If I can go further . . .”

    Sadiqa: “Enough, old man. Show your dentures a bit and get on with it.”

  2. Dr James O’Brien. “Seriously I have to get my picture taken with this hack I have a doctorate for gods sake”

  3. Ok gramps, we have done the photo thing. Sit back down in your wheel chair and I will push you back to your kennel, I mean room.

  4. In this photo, Dr. James O’Brien presents the Miss Congeniality Award in the Same Ol’ Shit category at the University of Louisville’s multi-million dollar grand opening of an envelope.

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