Cyndi Lauper Really DID Scare All The Meemaws

We told you meemaw would be upset about Cyndi Lauper! She dropped the f-bomb on live television and it was awesome. Dawne Gee almost died on the spot. She literally wet herself and all the anchors at other stations had heart palps. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t so awesome for all the little kids who had to hear it.) [Possibility City!]

Let’s just see how hard the entirety of local teevee people can freak out over the accused Southern Indiana serial killer. [FOX41]

Looks like the Gannett Beast was down for hours and hours. All Gannett papers were hit with yet more computer troubles. [Gannett Blog]

It’s tough for us to feel sorry for Jefferson County Public Schools as it cuts jobs. All while there are so many people working at the board of education making more than $100,000 per year. [WAVE3]

The caretaker of Churchill Downs’ track is preparing for his last Kentucky Derby. This is an interesting read. [H-L]

The Louisville home where Muhammad Ali grew up will get an historical marker in May. [WHAS11]

According to a report by The Herald Sun newspaper in Durham, N.C., officials with Louisville-based 21c are trying to negotiate incentives for a $45 million project there. [Business First]

Remember that guy who killed his girlfriend and her sister in December? A grand jury finally indicted him. [WKYT]

Banks are fighting to keep major mortgage reforms from becoming permanent. Specifically the big banks that Morgan McGarvey has profited from. [HuffPo]

Oh, look, WLKY finally discovered that giant statue of David sitting on Main Street. Glad they’ve caught up. [WLKY]

The 138th Kentucky Oaks will be run today at Churchill Downs. A field of 15 is entered for the fillies-only race. [WFPL]

Yesterday, Amy Shoemaker half-hit Morgan McGarvey for profiting from foreclosure cash. But only after he’d been called out publicly. Let’s not pretend it’s real political courage. And her other opponents are still missing in action. [Page One]

5 thoughts on “Cyndi Lauper Really DID Scare All The Meemaws

  1. It’s hilarious how the WLKY video of the David statue uses different angles and different objects to cover his “private parts” It’s just a statue people!

  2. Yes, the shocking and somewhat irreligious penis is such an afront to our collective little world that not only can’t statues have them, but neither can men. Its almost total absence from our day-to-day reality would make anyone gawk and gape when finally confronted with one dangling right over their head.

  3. How could I look? There was always something blocking it! BTW, my favorite was the traffic light!
    Did you even watch the video ?

  4. Sasha, it’s obvious Highlander looked ’cause so much energy was spent accusing you of looking. You know, point your finger at somebody and there’s three pointing right back at’cha.

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