Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker Will Save You All!

Lexington really is trying to be just like Louisville. Complete with exploding manhole covers and everything! [FOX41]

Kentucky has the second highest rate in the nation of children living with relatives or close family friends instead of biological parents, according to a report from a national foundation released Wednesday. [H-L]

Yep, just what Louisville needs, another violent shooting death. Possibility City! Compassion! [WAVE3]

Tina Ward-Pugh has it right. There is no way for Marilyn Parker to escape the heinous things she’s said in the very recent past. We pray to the flying spaghetti monster that she wins so we will have daily moments of comedy gold when she just cold, you know, is insane. [WFPL]

Louisville is at the bottom of that fancy parks list. So how does the mainstream spin it? That “Louisville Metro Parks among list of best parks according to survey.” Yeah. [WHAS11]

Here’s a shocker: the CEO of Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s HealthCare has decided to retire. [C-J/AKN]

Family members are beginning to deal with the chilling allegations brought up in court Wednesday against William Clyde Gibson. [WLKY]

Consultants paid for by the University of Louisville are saying exactly what UofL money-drivers have been saying. Imagine that! What a coincidence. [Business First]

What? Another shooting in Louisville and this man is wanted for questioning? Even more compassionate. [84WHAS]

Hal Rogers continues to pretend that there’s some war on coal. Interesting that concern about a devastating practice (mountaintop removal) still equates to a war on every other form of mining in their feeble minds. [WKYT]

Opposition to gay marriage has hit a new low among Americans, weeks after President Barack Obama announced his support for it, according to a new poll Wednesday. [Politico]

Have you heard the latest genius (haha, okay, not genius) comments from the Kentucky Democratic Republican Chairman? [Page One]

2 thoughts on “Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker Will Save You All!

  1. Speaking of local politics — @Jake, do you remember an incident several yrs. ago in which a JUDGE attempted to disregard the traffic barricades temporarily installed during an event at Papa John’s Stadium? When stopped I think he stated that he HAD to use the forbidden route in order to pick up one of his children? That he had freely used that route earlier before the barricades were in place? Pre-primary election I kept thinking that Steve Ryan may have been the guilty party. But I can neither confirm or deny who the scofflaw was…

  2. That sounds loosely familiar but I’m not sure it was a judge.

    I’m gonna have to dig around in my archives to see.

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