Let’s Give Cordish Cos All Of Downtown Louisville

Jeffersonville’s City Council and Clarksville’s Town Council approved resolutions at separate meetings Monday night urging federal transportation officials to expedite construction of the easter(sic) bridge and postpone the downtown bridge construction until there are alternatives to charging tolls on that span. [C-J/AKN]

Maybe Downtown Louisville wouldn’t be in such a sorry state if all of the city’s development cash hadn’t been squandered on Cordish Cos. [FOX41]

So much for promised transparency! Jerry Abramson and the Beshear Administration tried to hide today’s tax “reform” meeting by asking the Legislative Research Commission to keep its cameras turned off. [Page One]

We wanted to check this thing about moms from Ken Selvaggi out but couldn’t read it because he is apparently drunk with apostrophes. [WAVE3]

It’s interesting that next to no one is talking about how Democrats worked against Dick Lugar because they prefer to run against the teabagger. Or that those Democrats are some of the most corrupt in the country. It’d be hilarious to watch them lose to the teabagger. [TPM]

It’s apparently a big deal that a local fast food restaurant is going to be featured in that joint’s parent company’s commercial? Even though locals are working for free. [WHAS11]

You bending over and grabbing your ankles yet? Because Greg Fischer really wants to push this utilities merger through before his term is up. [WFPL]

Lexington got something else right: the council voted against discussing a reduction of ambulance staffing levels. In Louisville, Metro Government allows EMS to continually fall off a cliff. [H-L]

Don’t worry! Everything is puppies and rainbows downtown. Despite next to no one living there and absolutely no local businesses within reach. [C-J/AKN]

That historical marker was finally placed outside Muhammad Ali’s childhood home. [WLKY]

Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be when Covington – the armpit of Kentucky – becomes more developed and livable than Louisville? [Business First]

4 thoughts on “Let’s Give Cordish Cos All Of Downtown Louisville

  1. ””””””””””””’ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!”””””””””””””’

  2. Yum doesn’t own Long John Silver’s anymore. They sold it to a franchisee group last year.

  3. Re Ali’s childhood home:
    Maybe someone, some agency or neighborhood group imbued with new pride, can step up to improve the appearance of that house.

    Speaking of homes… A large swath of Germantown residences were rocked by an explosion or huge bang yesterday evening. Metro Emergency Responders literally cruised the streets looking for a source. But so far hundreds of alarmed residents are left without an answer. Even WLKY showed up, but no TV coverage because they couldn’t find where – or what – happened.

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