Do People Know The Louisville Orchestra Exists?

Maybe the Louisville Orchestra would be taken more seriously by, you know, Louisville, if people actually knew it existed.

Maybe it could take a cue from the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra and it’s flash mob moment:

What we mean is: it’d be great to see the Orchestra out and about and in areas where music like this isn’t typically accessible. Not just at concerts the average citizen is never going to attend. Not just at elementary schools. But in truly unexpected places where there are lots of people who could be unexpectedly impressed.

It’s possible. This is Possibility City, after all.

5 thoughts on “Do People Know The Louisville Orchestra Exists?

  1. I actually interviewed Mr. Robert Whitney for a paper I had to write in elementary school!

    In addition to the orchestra performances specifically geared to grade school pupils, I recall taking my children, along with their playmates, to a number of scheduled summertime performances at various Metro Parks. Then later there were “Roar-chestra” performances in the relaxed atmosphere of the Louisville Zoo. I think it was Bob Bernstein (?) who made these events come alive for children & adults.
    Informal, affordable & convenient orchestra presentations that include some “familiar” music should annually be a part of a vibrant city’s cultural scene.
    Of course costumed characters would add appeal to today’s kids…

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