Let’s Rehash Jim Peden’s Crazy Ass Comments

For maybe the first time EVER, Greg Fischer is right about something! About housing and what’s considered “low-income.” Jim Peden needs to check himself against reality. If you make $30K, you certainly aren’t a street grunt or riff raff that spends your day thieving. But you probably can’t afford to live in the Highlands with your two kids if you hope to have food on the table more than once a week. What the hell kind of a disconnect is THAT? [WFPL]

Two Southern Indiana landmarks are on the endangered list. So where are the Louisville locals constantly screaming about preservation? [FOX41]

Wow, the information we published about Cordish Cos. in yesterday has allowed a lot of local business owners to come out of the woodwork. Yet another issue involving Greg Fischer’s pat-a-caking and trying to throw money at a lost cause. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Ever read the comments on a mainstream story about anybody who is non-white accused of a violent crime? Some of the most racist tripe on earth. [WAVE3]

The Jefferson County Board of Education voted Monday night to appeal a recommendation made by a state audit to remove the principal at Valley High School. [Toni Konz]

Here’s a rare instance where publishing an entire press release is warranted. A reward’s offered for information about the disappearance of Daniel Reaves. [WHAS11]

Keeneland’s 15-day spring meet had record attendance of 269,292 people. [Business First]

Does this mean the accused Nawbny murderer could be a serial killer? Maybe it’ll be something for local television stations to talk about non-stop for the next several years. [WLKY]

You’re probably hung over at work this morning because it’s that special week every year where all of Louisville drinks 24/7. So go read this interesting story about a Danville flower shop that preserves roses from Kentucky Derby winners every year. [H-L]

The Richie Farmer audit paints such an alarmingly jacked up picture that it’s worth re-reading. Really, the entire situation is crazy. It’s actually sad watching try to excuse it. [Page One]

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  1. Cantinflas loves Keeneland. Not being a Louisville or KY native (that would be my wife, I’m from OK) I had a TV-only perception of the KY Derby when we moved to Louisville Nov. 1998. We attended the Derby that following May and nobody told me 145,000 souls would be decending on Churchill Downs to witness the Derby in person. We couldn’t sit down for 8 hours. We wandered between the paddock and the infield. Lots of people thought I was Colin Powell, so that was funny. My wife (from Lexington, in-laws still live there) then took me to Keeneland. THAT’s more along the lines of what I had in mind regarding ‘a Derby atmosphere.’ Of course now we do the Oaks instead of the Derby.

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