Wait, How Many Attended Thunder Over Louisville?

General Electric’s profits were hit by one-off charges. The company made $3.03 billion in the first quarter, down 10% from the same period last year. [BBC]

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights last week publicly accepted three conciliation agreements in fair housing cases, including one in Madison County. [John Cheves]

400,000 plus people attended Thunder Over Louisville this year. While not a record, that’s still a shocking amount of human beings gathered in one place. [FOX41]

Once again, the Swift pig slaughtering plant was cited for odor violations. [C-J/AKN]

Wait, here’s a different station saying “more than 500,000 people” were at Waterfront Park during Thunder. [WAVE3]

Kentucky Retirement Systems is a state government agency you’re familiar with. You’re also familiar with the reality that one of Greg Fischer’s top guys – who is still embroiled in campaign finance scandals related to Fischer’s campaign and inauguration – is involved at KRS. Now you’re going to be familiar with the hundreds of millions the agency is losing while the folks flushing the cash away close up shop. [Page One]

Nope, here’s a different station saying it was “[m]ore than 400,000 people in downtown Louisville.” [WHAS11]

Birmingham, the city that almost went bankrupt and embarrassed the entire country, is comparing itself to Louisville. [Business First]

Here’s how the mainstream television outlets covered last week’s Ohio River Bridges Debacle news. [WLKY]

The Barnstable Brown Gala, the most important thing in Louisville ever, always has a million guests and raises a mountain of cash. Really, joking aside, it may be the most important thing in Louisville ever. [C-J/AKN]

A new exhibit a the Speed Museum previews expansion at the facility and unveils some great new art. [WFPL]

5 thoughts on “Wait, How Many Attended Thunder Over Louisville?

  1. I hate to be a kill joy, but if there were 400,000 people in downtown Louisville to watch Thunder, then I’m a Polish war hero. Maybe 100,000 – but 400,000 is more than half the people that live in THIS ENTIRE COUNTY. Total malarky and I just don’t understand why we keep doing this kind of stuff – like saying Metro Louisville is the 16th biggest city in America. It’s 48th.

  2. Folks line the river on both sides to view the wonder of Thunder – including all the way down to Portland on the Louisville side.

    I always wonder if they take into account folks who peer from nearby windows, decks, & rooftops. (Hey, I know they don’t count my Germantown front porch, or homes on Irish Hill, but they should somehow try to estimate viewers in all facilities & residences with no structures between them & the river.)

  3. The count that really matters is how many Derby pins have been sold so far – any estimates on that?

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