This Is The Woman KDP & Beshear Are Opposing

By now you know the Kentucky Democratic Republican Party is working hard for Morgan McGarvey to win the 19th State Senate District primary within the Democratic Party.

You know the folks at Fairness – who are ironically so out-of-touch the organization is but a shell of its former self – have decided to back inexperienced Amy Shoemaker.

And last week we told you about Sarah Lynn Cunningham – the only smart choice in that race. We mentioned that organized labor is working against her – despite her pro-labor stance – all because the Beshear circle told them to. They refuse to meet with her. The gays are afraid of her because Ken Herndon backs her. And the KDRP can’t stand having someone with common sense running for office.


You’ll remember her from her 14 years at Metro Sewer District, where she worked as an engineer. And then came forward as a whistleblower. She was the first person to begin tearing down the wall to expose the mountain of corruption at MSD. A wall that continues to crumble to this very day because of her guts and her decision to speak up. That’s why the establishment hates her and wants to see her lose.

Since that bunch is working against her, you’d expect people like Christy Brown to fall swiftly into line.

But guess what?

You’ll want to read the rest of this after the jump. You’ll be surprised to see one of these faces…

Christy is doing the right thing this year and is backing the common sense candidate for a change:

She recently held a huge event at her home for Sarah Lynn and there were tons of familiar face.

Like Tom FitzGerald:

Wendell Berry’s daughter, Mary:

Augusta Brown Holland:

And none other than Greg Fischer’s sister, Lynn:

Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

Cunningham is hopefully going to give the establishment a run for their money. And she may be able to do it while completely ignoring organized labor, which as gone off the deep end.

It’s rare for Christy to oppose the candidate the Beshear-Conway-Yadda Yadda machine support. So this is kind of a big deal.

16 thoughts on “This Is The Woman KDP & Beshear Are Opposing

  1. It’s rare that you’ll find a candidate with support from all these fragments of the Democratic Party.

    Sarah Lynn would be perfect for that district.

  2. For the record, Sarah didn’t ignore organized labor. It was the other way around.

    She did her interview with the Greater Louisville Building Trades Council, the same night as the other 19th District candidates, I was there. Of course, McGarvey had Mike Ward and Marty Meyer there to babysit him that night. And although I don’t believe she was invited for the AFSCME candidate night, McGarvey was there though.

    Sarah has my support.

  3. Who said she ignored organized labor?

    And Marty has been meddling since the beginning. He’s treading on the line of dishonest, actually. Hi, Marty!

  4. I like what I see with “Sarah Lynn Cunningham” on the issue pages of her campaign website, but in fairness, I will check out the other candidates as well. Then, I will decide who gets the big check from me, that’s right a whopping $7.89 (the average cost of a vote) since I don’t live in this district.

  5. Christy Brown is a high-minded, far-sighted progressive who selects cadidiates because of her belief that they will bring fresh and new kinds of leadership to the political system. Those criteria lead her to Sarah Lynn Cunningham—what is rare here in this race, in christy’s view, is to have a candidate with the personal courage and well-considered positions of Sarah Lynn. DV
    (disclosure, I’m working in the SLC campaign as a photographer).

  6. Sarah Lynn is the only good choice here, so let’s get out and work for her as hard as she will work for all of us in Kentucky.

  7. We need more smart, progressive, productive women in the KY legislature. Sarah Lynn is a top-notch environmentalist and will stand up to David Williams and the good ole’ boy network. If you want to see some change in Frankfort, support and VOTE for Sarah Lynn this May.

  8. Beyond standing up to David, which accomplishes nothing, I know SLC to be someone who will work with him.

    Kentucky – Louisville, specifically – isn’t going to move forward until there are legislators in Frankfort who try to work together (not just on a non-partisan level, but actually work together) for change.

    SLC is also capable of standing up to bullshit Democrats who are as corrupt as corrupt can be. That is WAY more valuable than standing up against or working with David Williams.

    The others?

    I know McGarvey to be someone who will walk the Democratic good old boy line. You know what that line entails because you see it pouring out of Steve Beshear’s world every single day.

    Amy Shoemaker hasn’t a shot in the dark and she’s just wasting votes, so there’s no need to discuss her. Nice but inexperienced, in over her head, needs to stop being so damn stubborn and drop out of this race so she doesn’t get her ass handed to her.

  9. A) I find it hilarious that anyone thinks KDP, Beshear and Conway coordinate on anything. Especially Conway and Beshear.

    B) Yes, some current or former elected members of the party have gotten behind McGarvey but thats because of his hard work as a staffer on the Conway and Chandler campaigns. Not some secret agenda.

    C) You are absolutely wrong on Shoemaker. You are right she may not win. However she is well spoken, gives a great speech, is making a name for herself, and even if she loses she is learning how to be a part of the process. We need more people like her participating, and I hope she stays involved in the party even if she doesnt win. My question is why are you being so contemptible about her running?

  10. A) Jack Conway and Steve Beshear’s folks most certainly work together. The main one being Mark Riddle. Jim Arnett being another. You think the Conway-Beshear folks aren’t working together on the KRS nightmare? You’ve got another thing coming.

    B) The Party is most certainly behind him – going so far as to do campaign work inside KDP headquarters. Beshear’s folks have absolutely put pressure on various union heads. One of them, in fact, forwarded an email to me.

    C) Never said Amy wasn’t well-spoken and couldn’t write. But she is most certainly in over her head. She had zero clue about the 19th District when I spoke with her. She didn’t know anything about her opponents (and she would if she had any idea what was going on). She couldn’t give me ANY specifics about what the 19th faced, what her plans were or what the immediate needs of the district were. The ONLY thing she has going for her is that she knows Patrick Neely – and that’s who introduced her to me.

    No one is holding a gun to your head. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    Take your bullshit elsewhere.

  11. Jake, Jake, Jake, my disagreeing with you isnt bullshit. Its a difference of opinion. Sorry to say you arent always right. Like when you predicted Ken Herndon would beat George Unseld.

    If all you want are comments agreeing with you, then get your staff to write them and shut off public comments.

  12. Like when I played along with Ken to help get his friend Steve Henry convicted by using what I learned? Or when I played along with Ken to get information about the mailers he likely produced against himself? Or when he was dumb enough to load me up with information that ultimately took down two corrupt Metro Government employees behind the scenes? Yeah, about that.

    You ought to know by now that there’s always a reason behind what myself and others say here. And it’s not always as it appears.

    Your “opinion” was absolutely incorrect. It was bullshit spin. And was a sign to me that you had only a slight grasp on the subject matter about which you were commenting.

    Marty Meyer has been holding his hand since the beginning – even going so far as to pretend he was running for office while trashing potential challengers (he even trashed C-FAIR/Fairness while at the same time conducting candidate interviews for them). He’s spent months dragging Morgan around town touting his connection to John Yarmuth and several Labor folks.

    To further the McGarvey thing: Tom Conway and Jack Conway have or are holding events for him. Steve Beshear’s crew is involved. And not because he was involved in their campaigns. It’s because of his daddy and because of the establishment ties they all hold. Conway and Beshear most certainly are working together and communicate often. As early as 2009, Jack sat in meetings with me and told me about working with Beshear. The relationship between Beshear-Conway-Luallen is in fact so deep that now Crit’s top guy – Terry Sebastian – works for Beshear. The wife of Jack’s top guy, Jim Arnett, became an “advisor” for Beshear. Do I need to go on? No, I don’t.

  13. Except strangely I havent seen Marty Meyer “holding” McGarvey’s hand at a single thing he has attended nor “dragging” him around town.

    As for the Conway-Beshear thing. Sure whatever you say. LOL.

    As for Shoemaker I’d love to know when exactly you sat down with her and interviewed her. Funny I dont recall that happening or seeing you blog about it.

    But please do go on. I liked you much more pre-2009 when you werent so bitter nor so self-assured.

  14. First – I couldn’t give two shits who likes me or when they liked me best. That’s pretty clear. And you can’t assume tone-of-voice via written text. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you can’t stop yourself? May as well put yourself out of your misery because no one is holding a gun to your head. Yes, I’m that insensitive. Especially toward Kentucky Democrats. Fortunately for the Commonwealth, most of them are super-old and they’ll all be dying of old age within the decade.

    Marty’s been dragging him everywhere and talking him up for months and months. When I last sat down with Marty just before the new year, Morgan was all he could talk about. If you think that’s not based in reality, you’ve got a lot working against you. From the folks at C-FAIR to Yarmuth’s staff to Sarah Lynn’s people to Amy’s folks.

    Patrick Neely – Anne Northup’s former campaign manager of ten years and current head of KEEP – introduced Amy to me. I didn’t write about talking to her because she had absolutely no clue what she was doing. I don’t write about most meetings/discussions/bits of communication regardless of who it’s with.

    You seem to be forgetting the Conway-Beshear-Luallen network I have. Crit/Papaw’s boy lives a block from me. Jack’s staff and I have known each other since 2005. Papaw’s liaison and I have known each other since 2006. None of those people can fart without me finding out about it. How do you think I always had inside information about audits, the Henry investigation and all of the shenanigans during the U.S. Senate race? Until I told Jack to fuck off, he was up my butt 24/7. Every few weeks, it was him trying to sit down with me. His staff always trying to get at me.

    You can be delusional and assume there’s no relationship between Beshear and Conway as long as you’d like. But I have direct access and know first-hand that there’s definitely a relationship there. From 2008 and 2009 when Jack told me Papaw was working with him on the upcoming U.S. Senate race against Daniel to late 2010/early 2011 when it took Papaw to talk Jack into running for re-election. They’re all working together for an upcoming Conway-Luallen ticket and Greg Fischer is waiting in the wings in case it falls apart.

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