St. Xavier Gun Rumors Really Are Just Rumors

This A Kentucky Newspaper story says rumors about a gun being discovered at St. X are false:

A note was sent Thursday to parents of St. Xavier High School students addressing recent rumors of a gun in the school, which administrators say were unfounded.

But that doesn’t mean the rumor mill and gossip brigade will stop talking.

The hot talk among locals is that there was a clip found the week prior. Then a gun was allegedly discovered in the library. As you can see, that wasn’t the case.

That hot talk also involves discussion of an alleged unwritten agreement with LMPD to allow St. X administrators to discipline their own – a process that reportedly keeps LMPD off the campus and makes it easier to stonewall discussion outside school walls.

We have no reason to believe St. X folks wouldn’t have the LMPD on the scene if a gun was actually discovered. So gossipers should stop foaming at the mouth.

It’d probably be better for the anti-St. Xers to focus on things that Metro Parks officials have “given” St. X over the years without anything being reported. Especially since inquiries made with St. X on March 29 and April 2 regarding some of that alleged equipment were nervously and quickly brushed aside.

3 thoughts on “St. Xavier Gun Rumors Really Are Just Rumors

  1. Really, it’s not like the Catholic church had ever covered up any type of crime, sexual or otherwise, in the past.

  2. When I was a junior or senior one of my classmates was arrested literally right in the middle of class by the police. He was expelled so I don’t remember the exact circumstances but it was drug related. That was a decade or so ago but the administration didn’t have any issue working with the LMPD then.

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