Sadly, Those Fairness Endorsements Don’t Matter

Today the Fairness Campaign’s Political Action Committee announced that it has endorsed Denise Harper Angel:

Senator Denise Harper Angel once again earns C-FAIR’s support in the Democratic primary for Kentucky Senate District 35. Senator Harper Angel’s breadth of knowledge and experience with Fairness issues and the Kentucky State Senate confirms she is the most equipped to further Fairness causes.

We’re not suggesting Curt Morrison, her openly gay opponent, should receive the endorsement. And we’re not suggesting that an endorsement from Fairness is worth a cubic centimeter of Greg Fischer’s halitosis. But it’s interesting, isn’t it?

Considering Harper-Angel has a questionable past regarding equality.

And her campaign folks have been working with the guy Fairness actually protested over Facebook commentary that many perceived as racist.

Morrison didn’t receive the endorsement because he’s dared question the organization and has been rightfully critical on several occasions.

We all know you can’t speak up about anything in Louisville unless it’s pre-approved by the establishment – even in the gay community – because maintaining the status quo is too important.

In a perfect world, Morrison wouldn’t receive the endorsement because he has no experience and couldn’t beat a Republican if he faced a legitimate challenger. But that’s not why he was ignored in this case.

See the rest of the Fairness endorsement recipients after the jump…

  • Judge Irv Maze — KY Court of Appeals District 4, Division 1
  • Steve Ryan — Commonwealth’s Attorney District 30
  • Amy Shoemaker — KY Senate District 19 – zero experience, she didn’t even know who her opponents were when she initially contacted us a few weeks ago and was relying on a Republican who doesn’t even live in her district for political advice
  • Senator Perry Clark — KY Senate District 37 – yep, the guy who went all teabagger nutso over President Barack Obama
  • Representative Tom Burch — KY House District 30
  • Representative Mary Lou Marzian — KY House District 34
  • Representative Reginald Meeks — KY House District 42
  • Representative Joni Jenkins — KY House District 44
  • Susan D. Johns — KY House District 48
  • Councilwoman Attica Woodson Scott — Metro Council District 1
  • Councilman Tom Owen — Metro Council District 8
  • Councilman Rick Blackwell — Metro Council District 12
  • Teague Ridge — Metro Council District 18

3 thoughts on “Sadly, Those Fairness Endorsements Don’t Matter

  1. When Ms. Harper-Angel was PVA for Jefferson County, she required all of her employees to pay 2% of their salary to her reelection campaign. All the time, not just during the election period.

  2. Why were they working for her if they didn’t think she was a qualified boss? Why do unions take union dues and support people for offices that many members of the union don’t support? — You see this is argument is a sword with two edges, for a liberal.
    Find a better way to criticize Harper-Angel (and there are many) other than how she finances her campaign. Oh, unless your in favor of public funding of EVERY CAMPAIGN OR in favor of only wealthy people running for office.
    Stop and think Metrohack.

  3. Sorry, it’s crazy to suggest they’re in the wrong for criticizing Denise and her crazy ass campaign finance shenanigans.

    Though, I remember her freaking out when I questioned her in November 2006 on the evening John Yarmuth beat Anne Northup for the first time. She lost her shit, went absolutely insane.

    Then Lisa Tanner informed her that I was involved with the prosecution of Steve Henry for campaign finance fraud and her tune changed. Since then, she’s been all about trying to chat me up, trying to be friendly, yadda yadda.

    The woman thinks she’s invincible. People like Jennifer Moore defend her actions. And the mess continues.

    People get what they vote for, in my opinion.

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