Ohio River Bridges Debacle Jobs Reality: Meh

Greg Fischer ran on a platform of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

But when you take a look at page 300 of the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Warning: Massive External PDF Link), you learn:

“As shown, construction of the LSIORB Project would result in a shift in permanent employment within the LMPA, and a decrease of 78 in total employment over the No-Action Alternative. By the year 2030, a shift of almost 12,000 employees from Kentucky into Indiana could potentially occur as a result of the project. It is anticipated that these employees would shift away from Jefferson and Oldham counties and move into Clark and Floyd counties.”

Interesting how that works.

Guess that’s more of that professed “transparency.”

3 thoughts on “Ohio River Bridges Debacle Jobs Reality: Meh

  1. It is only large financial contributions to Fischer and Beshear that prevent the overwhelmingly popular alternative of constructing the east end bridge only with modest Spaghetti Junction improvements. Instead of logically splitting the project local and state officials are committing fraud against their constituents by not admitting to the inevitable tolling of the existing Sherman-Minton bridge. Divide the project, not the community.

  2. You know, you kill your argument when you continue to make bullshit assumptions about campaign contributions prohibiting Beshear/Fischer/et al from doing the right thing.

    If you’d calm down for more than five seconds and do something like, you know, THINK, you’d be able to recognize that the issue is much more deep than $50K or $60K. These relationships are decades old. These people know each other and are friends. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

    Corruption and stupidity isn’t completely dependent upon a contribution or two.

  3. I was assuming that no one with high levels of education could ignore the consensus opinion among urban planners, economic development, and today’s highway engineers. You seem to imply that Greg Fischer supports tying the economically disastrous downtown bridge project to the widely supported east end project for personal reasons. The you scratch my back I scratch your back mentality includes both campaign donations and future personal business opportunities. Greg Fischer most likely has both future business and political ambitions so this is a logical conclusion. I was using campaign contributions as a proxy for all associated financial benefits received from maintaining political allegiance to northeast Louisville old money.

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