Metro Parks And That Ironic “Liquid Courage”

You know what’s weird/creepy?

Marty Storch mentioning liquid courage on the teevee last year while discussing the Derby Festival’s Hole-in-One contest:

Note: here’s the original segment from which we pulled the clip.

It’s only fitting to mention selling alcohol when your boss is a notorious drunk driver. You’ll note that this interview took place around the time Greg Fischer was first informed of Parks Director Mike Heitz driving drunk in a city-owned vehicle on a regular basis.

This year’s contest begins tomorrow at Seneca.

Note to WLKY management, who will freak out when they see we’ve legally used an excerpt of their footage: fair use applies, kids, and you’re one of the event’s media partners.

7 thoughts on “Metro Parks And That Ironic “Liquid Courage”

  1. How does this guy get away with working for metro government while he does all this PR stuff for the derby festival? does he take a two week vacation? isn’t this a conflict of interest? he is the assistant parks director isn’t he?

  2. The same way police/fire/EMS gets away with working all the unreimbursed overtime during Derby that benefits KDF and Churchill Downs – through your payroll department.

  3. Millions of tax dollars spent on these private events.

    Meanwhile, organizations like Churchill Downs, Inc. continues to threaten longtime local businesses for daring mention the word “Derby” in relation to anything they do during, uh, the Derby Festival.

    Funny how that works.

  4. Good ole Marty Storch it’s so nice to see this guy driving a city owned vehicle all the way to Oldham county’s nevel meade golf course to work a Jr golf tournament during working hours. I’m not exactly sure when the Musselman dunne or Pepsi Jr golf tours became a part of Metro Government. but I guess in his mind it’s OK to spend taxpayer money on his side jobs. I don’t know if Drew Conliffe pays him or he volunteers to work these tournaments. either way it has nothing to do with his job at Metro Parks and he should drive his own vehicle whenever he works for KJGF MDT or Pepsi Tour. just because you were the former director of golf for metro parks doesn’t make you the city’s ambassador for the sport. and it sure doesn’t give you a right to use city time and money to work these events.

  5. Political Connection. Drew Conliffe son of the former County Attorney Mike Conliffe.

    Musselman hmmm I believe someone in that family owns a certain restaurant by the name of KT’s

  6. Marty Storch the man who single handedly screwed up one of the best public golf course layouts in the state of KY. even his father will tell him that.

  7. Not a fan of that guy at all. in my opinion he is a condescending blowhard asshat who has no clue what he is doing. the guy above him isn’t much better.

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