It’s Kentucky Derby Time! Check This Book Out

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, we’re giving away two copies of The Kentucky Derby – How the Rn for the Roses Became America’s Premier Sporting Event by James C. Nicholson. All thanks to the University Press of Kentucky.

“You may never get to experience the thrill of entering the winner’s circle and smelling the wonderful aroma that emanates from the garland of roses that signifies the greatest achievement in the sport of Thoroughbred racing, but this wonderful book will take you on a journey that gets you as close as any piece of writing possibly could.” — From the foreword by Chris McCarron, two-time Kentucky Derby winner and Hall of Fame inductee

We’ve had a chance to read it and think any Derby fan should grab their own copy right away.

Here’s how to win a copy from Page One and The ‘Ville Voice:

Leave a comment on this post, email Jake or tweet about your favorite memory of the Kentucky Derby.

We’ll select two winners this Sunday so they can be in the mail on Monday.

Have at it!

9 thoughts on “It’s Kentucky Derby Time! Check This Book Out

  1. The Derby memory that I talk about most, is the shall we say boisterus crowd, waiting along the old brick walls at Central Ave that had just left the establishments and were determined to be the first into the in-field!

  2. Favorite derby memories for me. The year I was throwing football in the infield with a friend. my friend threw me a pass and I started doing a touchdown dance (the ickey shuffle) a little to close to some girl who I guess was having a real bad day. I had my back turned to this girl and she laid me out cold with a Lawrence Taylor type tackle then gave me a big giant kiss on the lips. we hit it off and dated for a couple of years. but I guess the reason it didn’t work out was because she was a giants fan and I was a Bengals fan. I love the Derby

  3. My first Derby was way back in 2008. Two friends and I spend most of the day in the paddock area but ventured out to the infield at one point. This gorgeous, quintessential Southern Gentleman sauntered up to us and said, “Oh my gosh, where have y’all been – I’ve been looking all over for you!” Best pick-up line ever. Alas, we never saw him again but we always laugh and smile when we think of our “Southern Gentleman.”

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t have any memories of the Kentucky Derby, but I would love to learn more with this book!

  5. My only brush with the derby has been watching segments on tv, but this book would be great to teach me more.

  6. 1) 1968 Crazy drunk friend, finally found under the feet of Richard Nixon and Louie B. as they left Churchill Downs.
    2) 1973 Standing at finish line when Secretariat won. Worked for CJ & Times hauling film to photo lab.

  7. A couple of memories come to mind related to the Derby … and days leading up to it. I was born and raised in Louisville and remember my grandfather (who lived on Queen Ave. ) parking Derby attendees in his yard … earning some extra $$ and making some people very happy to know their ride was safe while they enjoyed the Derby! Meeting the pilots of the balloon Double Eagle II who crossed the Atlantic in 1978 at a pre-Derby balloon race was another great Derby related memory. I still have the Nat’l Geographic mag they autographed. Sigh. I miss Louisville. I’m hoping to win the book so I’ll be transported back to the town and it’s traditions … especially the Derby … that I love! Thanks for the opportunity! Frances in Tampa, FL

  8. My first Derby in person was Ferdinand. My husband and I are racetrackers and watched from the backside. Went over to the “spit barn” afterwards to watch the winner cool out. Pony girl had Ferdinand’s garland draped over her horse while winner had his bath, and she threw us some of his roses! Don’t tell anyone.

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