How Not To Get Back At Your Former Employer

An enraged (?) former television station employee in Terre Haute decided to shoot the place up:

Indiana officials are investigating an early morning shooting at a news station.

Employees at the NBC affiliate in Terre Haute say they heard gunshots outside the building around 4 o’clock Saturday morning.


Luckily, no one was hurt.

Police have charged this man — Kenneth Bolinger — with criminal recklessness and criminal mischief.

Bolinger is a former employee of the station.

Just a couple days before the incident? He posted this:


Here’s hoping the guy gets the mental help he needs.

1 thought on “How Not To Get Back At Your Former Employer

  1. Wow. Just saw this. What a sick dude to go postal over losing his job. People like this give people like me (CCDW holders) a bad name.

    When you get fired… go home, kiss your partner, and relax… all the things you hated about that job are finally over. Go get a new one.

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