Greg Fischer Sure Has A Lot Of Weird Nerve

Or an absolute lack of a public filter/common sense.

Check out his new Fakebook cover photo:

It’s him standing beside a Metro Animal Services truck with a dog hanging out the window. During the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Acting as if he gives two flips about LMAS.

Little does that dog know that at the end of this rainbow, the leprechaun isn’t guarding a pot of gold. He’s operating a furnace to burn the thousands of animals Greg can’t be bothered with.

6 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Sure Has A Lot Of Weird Nerve

  1. I would like to know why the city of Louisville has to pay for his trip to the final 4. of course he is claiming that it was a working trip and he met with the mayor of N.O. c-mon really is this a delayed April fools joke. 2nd why does someone in that kind of position have a facebook page ?. I think its a bit unprofessional. someone in a public service position should never post pictures on FB of he/she having fun on the tax payers dime. to me its a bit insulting and a punch in the face of Louisville taxpayers.

  2. Quote from WHAS web page

    The mayor’s office says the city is paying for the trip. In addition to attending games, he’s had meetings with the New Orleans mayor, making it a working trip. No word on the total cost.

    I will agree it is 2102 so facebook pages are a norm.

  3. He’s said on previous occasions that the city won’t be paying for the trip.

    If his office is now saying it’s a working trip, his story has changed and he’s one cheap hack.

  4. It was weird when Mayor Fischer compared a year as mayor to “a dog’s year” in the LEO. Obviously he meant a dog who gets to live, as opposed to those euthanized at LMAS.

    And I’m sure it’s really tough to attend press conferences, social events and photo ops. Or whatever it is he does for “work.”

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