Greg Fischer Still Ignoring Problems At LMAS

Greg Fischer can’t be bothered with actually improving Louisville Metro Animal Services, so he’s promoting some contest sponsored by the ASPCA instead:

While there’s no doubt LMAS animals need that $100,000? Hold on a damn minute.

Some of the language LMAS used on the entry form:

What makes you a tough contender in the ASPCA $100K Challenge?
Louisville Metro Animal Services is a tough contender because our ultimate goal is to be out of business… in the meantime our staff accepts and cares for the unwanted animals in our community, regardless of the reason for surrender, and work tirelessly with the help of volunteers and community parterns to find them loving, forever homes while simultaneously educating the public about responsible pet ownership and compassion.

How would you use $100,000?
The much needed funds will be used to promote our lifesaving mission by marketing (we would love some flyers/posters/billboards/commercials) our adoptable pets, reaching out to potential adopters and fosters, increasing the visibility and availability of our free outreach programs and events, increase our free vaccination and low cost spay/neuter initiatives and most importantly inform the community that Metro Animal Services is available to HELP them as well as the homeless animals in Jefferson County.

Let’s address a couple issues:

  • If the goal for LMAS was to be out of business? It would be out of business right now.
  • Staff don’t work with volunteers and community partners to find homes. THOUSANDS are burned in an incinerator every year. Volunteers are ostracized for asking questions and countless residents who constantly try to help and offer money (me included) are blown off. There’s not a goddamn bit of outreach going on.
  • Reaching out to the community to find homes for animals costs nothing. The media is already willing to partner. This website could find hundreds of homes if there was a competent body on Manslick Road who could take five fucking minutes a week to give us details about which animals are on-hand.

A little bit of honesty and transparency would go a long way here.

The reality? That $100,000, which LMAS will not win, would go to pay inflated salaries of inexperienced children running a sinking ship that’s so far in the red it can’t get out.

4 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Still Ignoring Problems At LMAS

  1. Dare I ask if it’s even worth dreaming about him being booted out of office in 2014? Love how his cover photo is a picture of him in front of a LMAS truck. Blatant “fuck you” from the Mayor much?

  2. being as though metro govmnt cant seem to find any money to support any improvements at MAS this award would be big for it… Am sure it would not go to new salaries or the such but go towards further improvemnts which canno be made without $$$… not saying they are doing great , just doing better with what they have to work with……….hope they win some of it at least…. always behind a good thing for anyone who needs it………..wherever it comes from …….

  3. Head – desk.

    Fucking pay attention, people.

    Continually throwing money at a whore (gender neutral) garners the same results. The whore is always going to gobble it up, never to be seen again.

    Jesus fucking christ.

  4. I agree with Jake if they get the money it will just go towards salaries or some bullshit whitewash to make themselves look good.

    LMAS has run off most of the volunteers, fosters and rescues that were willing to help.

    @Casey’s comment “not saying they are doing great”. They aren’t doing shit for the animals there. the rescue wagon program got canceled, wonder why??? They should have done anything and everything they could to keep that in place. that program helped get a lot of dogs out of the shelter and into homes.

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