Greg Fischer Cat Fight Brewing On The Twitter

Mr. Social Media Mayor/Whistleblower Firing Mayor/Animal Ignorance Mayor/Drunk Driving Supporting Mayor is getting into a fight on the Twitter machine just in time for the Derby Festival (don’t want to scare meemaw and poppop with the homeless and hippies):

Correction – we meant Chris Poynter, as that’s who often Tweets for Fischer.

Morrison hit the nail on the head. Here’s the article in question:

Chris Poynter, a spokesman for the mayor, said the park has “in essence become a homeless camp.” He added that the city has received complaints from citizens and businesses in the area, and that about $7,000 in damage has been caused to the grass.


Activist Curtis Morrison, who has been part of the Occupy movement from the beginning and is running for the Kentucky State Senate in District 35, said he thinks the administration is trying to get rid of the encampment before Kentucky Derby events begin.

“Scattering the homeless is hiding the symptom, not treating the disease,” Morrison said. “Hiding us won’t make our problems go away. It’s frustrating (Fischer) doesn’t get that.”

Really? $7,000 worth of grass damage? HAHA.

While we absolutely roll our eyes at the “occupy” movement here in Louisville – because it’s the same old people who protest everything – Morrison is right about why they’re kicking folks out.

Can’t have tourists seeing homeless or less than attractive people when they come into town for the Kentucky Derby. Those are the only two weeks a year when Louisville looks clean and colorful. Let’s get real.

And a pro-tip to Greg: blocking us from your Twitter account doesn’t prevent us from seeing your public feed.

8 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Cat Fight Brewing On The Twitter

  1. Sorry – I agree with Poynter/Fischer on THIS one.

    My formerly homeless relative never had the luxuries of pitching a tent in an area where he wasn’t consistently hassled by police, having nearby access to a restroom, having clean running water, having electricity for heating, cooling, cooking, lighting, having food provided, having immediate access to public transportation, & police protection. What little cash he earned as a day laborer was removed from him each time he was arrested for trespassing, including under Metro overpasses (“booking” fees)…

    Compassion for the homeless needs to result in many more affordable rooming houses, medical care, more substance-abuse & mental health recovery options, & more training in marketable job skills.

  2. Sorry, you haven’t been down there. Don’t pretend that you have.

    The majority of the folks there are not homeless. Though, some are. And that’s part of the larger issue.

    All it takes is a look at Greg Fischer’s “compassion” to know what’s up here.

  3. I think it needs to go as well, I believe in peaceful protest but enough is enough. We have spent a zillion dollars to try and attract businesses and people to come downtown and the Derby is when we invite everyone to come visit. They remind me of a bunch of old dirty hippies that need to go a commune somewhere in Indiana. They don’t look or talk like activists they look like deadbeats and kooks. Permit is up now go away.

  4. Agree on the housing and I must ask again -but why are they not using he hotel wayside bought for this purpose?

  5. At some point you’d think they would have zeroed in on a specific issue and stuck with it for a short period of time, so whoever they were protesting against could possible form some sort of reasonable response, if they were inclined.

    They still seem to be protesting life in general. Hardy any real response to that, other than to shrug and say ‘welcome to the party’.

    Maybe Fischer could send them a bunch of career counselors or occupational therapists.

  6. I think we should buy them a one way bus ticket to Florida and make sure they get on the bus. It’s time to pack it up!

  7. rplant: staying at Wayside would involve some payment and work….This bunch has been eating lunch at the Cathedral of the Assumption and had the gall to ask it be DELIVERED to them! I am a believer in social justice and helping others, but these folks seem to have no agenda other than getting someone else to pay their way.

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