Fund For The Arts Whitewashes LMAS Scandal(s)

Have you folks seen the latest Lane Report circle jerk in BG Magazine? I mean, just in case you still needed proof that the folks at the Lane Report are now just press release regurgitators and shadows of their former selves?

It’s by the “Executive to the President” at the Fund for the Arts, Meghan Mando.

All about Justin Scally’s greatness.

A taste:

Looking for a family-friendly location to move his family, Justin Scally eventually settled on Louisville. In his new role at Metro Animal Services, Justin Scally will pursue various initiatives to help all the animals under the organization’s care.


While Scally currently spends most of his time at work, he hopes to be able to join asso- ciations and boards in the future and become more active within the community.

It’s cute how she makes it seem like Scally was looking to move to Louisville. Never mind that the HSUS pushed him here.

More than 14,000 animals each year receive care at Metro Animal Services through services such as sheltering pets that have been abandoned.

Mando also conveniently neglected to mention that most – if not all – of those animals are killed and incinerated.

“Animals don’t care about my age,” said Scally, who faced some criticism because of his age. “They just care about the success of our programs.”

This poor girl just can’t dig herself out of a hole. He didn’t face criticism because of his age – he faced criticism because he has zero experience.


Feel free to also click here to take a look at the entire “magazine.”

Yep, a puppies & rainbows whitewash of Metro Animal Services, of Justin Scally’s absolute inexperience AND it’s essentially written and pushed by the Fund for the Arts. Yep, that Fund for the Arts. Still wondering why that whole incestuous circle gets eye rolls from us? And why most people who pay attention couldn’t be bothered to give cash to the organizations merely perpetuating the good old boy system in this town? It’s disgusting.

Please, hold your laughter.

4 thoughts on “Fund For The Arts Whitewashes LMAS Scandal(s)

  1. Says Kellie Baldwin, friend of Meghan, the girl who wrote that laughable story.

    Pointless? Are you fucking crazy? What planet are you living on?

    Clearly, you are not paying attention and have absolutely no idea what the hell has gone on at Metro Animal Services, who Justin Scally is or what your gal pal did with that butchered article. Let her come defend her work herself. (I know she can’t even begin to do so)

    But keep concern trolling. You ass-kissing “young professional” girls are half the reason that joint (LMAS) is in the shitter. It’s obscene watching young people try to climb socially by pushing articles like the one your dear friend wrote. I’ve fired writers for doing less.

  2. Amen!!!How sad. At first I was very upset that the person who had a bushel load of success, respect and awards was turned down in favor of this young person with no positive track record- but I now realize as I see her NO KILL program succeed, her community programs grow and her training program for shelter dogs explode, that perhaps under this administration, all of this cutting edge activity would have been quashed as it is apparent that we are virtually no further to our goal of NO KILL and community involvement than we were when young Scally began his tenure with no successful programs or ideas to his credit. Our loss is Northern Kentucky’s continued gain.

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