Even More Of That Compassion From Greg Fischer

That’s right – even more compassion from Greg Fischer.

Oh yes:

It seems my days are numbered at Louisville Metro EMS. I want my chance to come back and prove that I can do this. So…Want to put some pressure on Louisville Metro Government to give me the time to heal and get back to work saving the citizens of Louisville Kentucky. Here’s the man to make it happen. I’ve been passive long enough. Time to fight.

Louisville Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer is on Facebook at Mayor Greg Fischer and Twitter at @LouisvilleMayor. Time to tell them to give me the time to heal and extend my year. The task I’m taking on is worthy of this. All I’m asking is to keep my job, let me keep my health insurance. I’m not asking them for anything but to pay the employer portion of the health insurance. I’ll continue to pay mine. Please help me show him I have your support!!! I need till roughly August. That’s when they are projecting that I’ll be back to 100%. If he wants he can use the date I went to modified duty to count my year, that gives me October. Please message Mayor Greg Fischer and ask him to give me an extension for a few months so I can do the job I love.

While Greg is busy pretending to be compassionate (come on – not even the big moneyed folks in town can say his name without rolling their eyes at this point), whistleblowers are getting fired and actual PUBLIC SERVANTS are being pushed to the gutter.

Possibility City! Absolutely compassionate.

Remember all of this as the local mainstream has a circle jerk over Greg’s “compassion.”

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