Bridges Economic Impact Study? Haha, Riiight

What would you do if your home, place of employment and entire community were wiped off the face of the earth by a tornado? Recovery in Eastern Kentucky will take a long time and only the Red Cross remains on the ground supporting the people who most need it. [Click Here To Give]

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Sure, some cops are idiots like this unhinged LMPD officer but not all of them are. This douchebag gives cops a bad name. [FOX41]

All the folks who had nothing else to write about yesterday freaked out over John Yarmuth sending a letter to Mitch McConnell. It’s like everyone quickly forgets that Mitch McConnell has been lying about health care reform for more than two years. John is just now feeling safe enough to speak up a little bit. He’s still so nervous about it, in fact, that both his government staff and campaign staff selectively shared the letter with those they felt were friendly. So let’s quit with the, “Oh, John is so brave” bullshiz. He’s a solid congressman but this isn’t some big thing. [TPM]

Woah, it’s almost shocking that a man was pulled from the Ohio River and he wasn’t dead. Because it seems like there’s a new body pulled from the river every five seconds. [WAVE3]

Welp, Bobby Petrino got shiz-canned by Arkansas. So much for all the sneaky lady funtimes he had. [HuffPo]

Your new po-leece boss is reacting to the Beecher Terrace arrest video. He’s set to address the community on April 17. [WHAS11]

Mmmm hmmm. Indiana plans to issue a long-awaited economic impact study on the Ohio River Bridges Project as early as next week, but it’s unclear how broad β€” or how useful β€” its findings will be. [C-J/AKN]

Here comes Cheri Bryant-Hamilton again pretending that ending alcohol sales in various neighborhoods will solve all Louisville’s problems. [WLKY]

We all love Carmichael’s and hope it doesn’t go the way of ear X-tacy but it seems like that could be in the cards in a few years. [WFPL]

Whattya mean the mega wealthy who head companies with serious bases in Louisville get tax breaks to take flights on private jets? [Business First]

32 thoughts on “Bridges Economic Impact Study? Haha, Riiight

  1. “UArk vs. UofL”

    Razorback officials fired Petrino and plugged their hole. Card honchos, in the Pitino scandal, left the hole open, so to speak. The Almighty Dollar won out at Belknap.

  2. I commend the President of the University of Arkansas, who obviously approved this decision. It’s refreshing to know that there is a public university or two that understand the university’s mission is to lift life’s values, be a beacon of light and learning that’s wed to the education of its students and its enhancement in the area it serves and something to be proud of. A university’s mission IS NOT to provide entertainment for the public.

    Maybe, just maybe, some of those university officials (wherever they might be [!]) who don’t understand the mission of a university or comprehend it’s significance will learn a lesson from this particular University President’s proud day.

    Then maybe ‘those university officials’ may not comprehend their university’s mission — and simply plow forward with their “Beer and Circus,” which has become a laughing stock among serious minded people.

  3. “Killing the Academic Spirit”

    You got it, Highlander. Once students realize their college education at big universities is largely remote lectures (in person or online) where they simply regurgitate canned information, uncaring profs wedded to esoteric research and often useless grants, and honchos caring mostly for money, they turn to the “beer & circus” of big-time athletics as the focal point for fun and games–very costly ones, at that. And, yes, UArk showed some class in the Petrino situation. I wish others would learn from it. But I am not holding my breath. Right, UofL?

  4. RE: Petrino – couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy

    /sarcasm off

    RE: private jets – I know it’s not popular right now – but as a private pilot I must defend the use of private aircraft/jets. Time is money. Some private aerial conveyances are in fact luxurious on the inside – but others, like a lowly Cessna 172 or a King Air turboprop (a jet that happens to have the ‘props’ outside the nacelles) are utilitarian. The reason so-called bigwigs use private jets is for convenience, economy of time, not necessarily luxury. Yes, some are well apportioned. But expedited transporation also involves complex (read: expensive) avionics and equipment to ensure safe travel and equipment redundancy.

  5. Who attacked private air travel? No one.

    The story made clear the tax breaks are granted because the CEOs need “security” that commercial flights can’t provide.

    Never mind that people like Mitch McConnell fly commercial with no problem.

    Please read before commenting.

  6. RE Petrino: Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Hey, Jimbo Ramsey, Arkansas is a school with a morals clause. Their coach was a sinner and a winner but now he’s jobless!

  7. Not so sure “sin” had much to do with it.

    I’m of the opinion that he was fired because he was a horrible skank who grossed everybody out with his behavior. Even amoral sodomites like myself.

  8. You’re right as usual Jake – I should’ve read the article before commenting. It IS about tax breaks. I was not exactly sure what your tone of the lead-in to your link to the story was, and as a pilot I guess I’m a little sensitive re: any (mis)perceived attacks regarding private aircraft/jet transportation.

  9. “Morals, Ethics, Etc., in Universities”

    The Tim, there was also a “morals” clause in Pitino’s contract. The UofL honchos chose to either ignore it or conclude that Rick’s actions were not all that immoral. They are famous for neglect and non-accountability, so who knows why they failed to go the Arkansas route (one that served up more ethics, indeed).

  10. They are likely cooking the books similar to CDSmith’s manipulation of the data that both make this project appear feasible without tolling the Sherman-Minton Bridge and underestimate the true toll rates. In fact, any assessment of the economic impacts of tolling that fails to consider the effect of Sherman-Minton bridge tolls is incomplete. It is blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention that the 2/3rds tolling scenario is fatally flawed. To cover the inevitable shortfalls from the financially irresponsible toll revenue projections, the Bridges “Authority” required one important stipulation:

    (ii)Additions to the LSIORB toll revenue system of facilities including potentially the Sherman-Minton Bridge.

    Those 14 words allow for over $700 million in bonds to be sold. Those 14 words are the difference between a financially solvent project and bankruptcy.

  11. The intentionally optimistic tolling studies are being used to fund a tolled 2 bridges project that the public clearly does not support. This subversion of democracy is a direct consequence of the political power of a small but powerful special interest group, Riverfields, a group whose president happens to be the wife of the top editor at the local paper of influence. The ultimate result of this crime against democracy is an undeniably regressive project. In Prospect there is a $795 million, 1.4 mile 4-lane luxury highway. What little money had been budgeted for aesthetic improvements downtown has been removed while the KY east end portion of the project retains all aesthetic treatments, including the $300 million+ tunnel and its annual maintenance/electrical bills. The ultimate insult to Louisvillians is that this project is building 100 year infrastructure that exclusively connects to a 1950s style elevated waterfront expressway on the the city’s image defining gateway, central business district riverfront, and historical heart.

  12. Stunoland, don’t worry neither bridge will be built in our lifetimes and Keith Runyon has retired from the Courier Journal. Now you will have to find another reason that Riverfields is so influential in policy decisions. I personally think it is because their decisons are fact based. No one is as active in watching over the river corridor….developers hate and despise a group that doesn’t just rollover when they come into a room. Crime against democracy…give me a break!

  13. Petrino was fired for lying to his bosses, NOT for screwing around (according to the AD’s statement anyway), so no real “moral” victory here IMO.

  14. Jason Plunkett: Yet another ‘veiled’ excuse for ignoring the inaction, inattention and obfuscation of the leadership at the ‘local athletic club.’ Question: Is it a lie, if you don’t tell the truth for 6 years because you covered up (with the obvious use of public money) your public indiscretion with a 50 year old woman? Come on Plunkett. The existence of character is divulged by ones actions when one thinks that no one is looking. In both instances no one was ‘looking’ – problem was one took a half day and the other took 6 years. The administration in one instance was honorable and in the other instance was abominable.

  15. First off, it’s PUCKETT, jackass (although being favorably compared to Jim Plunkett wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing).

    There’s nothing veiled at all. Anyone who thinks the University of Arkansas suddenly developed a conscience is misguided. I guarantee that if Petrino had come clean immediately after the motorcycle wreck, he would still be the coach at Arkansas.

    I’d link the transcript of the AD’s statement, but I like to think you’re smart enough to Google it yourself (maybe; go to your Mosaic or Netscape and type in Jeff Long fired Petrino for lying to his superiors and the media, not for his screwing around. It’s pretty much there in black and white.

  16. So Jim Plunkett: Are you, by way of your thought process trying to convince the readers of this ‘board’ that there’s a difference between Arkansas’ “P”….”o” and UofL’s “P”….”o” because Arkansas’ was lying to his superiors and UofL’s wasn’t?
    If that’s the case, then the fault lies on Tommy Turtleneck and Comb-over for not conducting a ‘full investigation’ — because neither of them were aware FOR OVER 6 YEARS of what our “P”…..”o” did that eventually came forth, because our “P”….”o” refused to be extorted since the price got too high!

  17. “Two Sticky Situations at Athletic Clubs”

    Our “P”s sordid case took six long years,
    While Comb-over & Tom had many beers.
    Their “P” biked his way, way way out.
    But his AD had more class and clout.
    Of course, neither is a holy man at all.
    Just two arrogant little coach asses.
    Whose derrieres are now in molasses.

  18. Novena: Why is it that people like Jason Plunkett continue endeavoring to protect our “P”….”o” — as if there’s a chasm of distinction between the two fubars? I find it utterly amazing.

  19. “Dear Highlander”

    I guess he just sympathizes with fubar-like people and institutions. I also think that it is nice that at least someone comes to their defense. It is not comfy living in a larger world that knows those people and institutions are outlaws to decency and without shame.

  20. Just look at today’s editorial page. I’m not the only one slamming U of L’s so-called morals clause.

  21. @Debbie, Riverfields has certainly done some good work but their unwillingness to stand up for our city’s central business district riverfront and image defining gateway is appalling. Louisville needs to build an east end bridge and require all non-local tractor-trailers especially haz-mat to by-pass the densest parts of the city. This view reflects the consensus opinion among urban planners, economic development experts, and today’s highway engineers. Riverfield does not care about historical structures if they are not east of downtown. Riverfields and their supporters are against any changes along the river east of downtown. Bike lanes on eastern River Rd, nope. A cost efficient local-access bridge connecting Zorn Ave with Jeffersonville, not happening because of Riverfields political influence. The influence of this group is waning, not a minute too soon, but their supporters political donations will continue to distort important regional planning decisions for the foreseeable future.

  22. “To The Tim”

    It’s not just the C-J editorial. Its sports writer, Rick Bozich, weighs in on Petrino: “Going 41-9 (at UofL) provided an all-access pass to be a serial jerk. . . (yet) he remains a rock star with some fans (here).” And that is one of the main things wrong with big universities as athletic clubs, where college is mostly beer and circus with a hefty price tag for the unknowing customers.

  23. If you all say so…

    It’s amazing how such “smart” people can completely miss the point, that being your hero, Jeff Long, could give a crap that Petrino cheated on his wife. The reality of the situation is if CBP had fessed up off the bat, he’d still be the football coach at the University of Arkansas.

    Not sure how that’s “defending” anything or anyone, it’s just an explanation of how things work out here in the real world (where I’m quite comfortable, and thank you for your concern πŸ™‚

  24. “To Jason, with Respect”

    You make a good point. It likely was the fact that Petrino lied about things that got him busted (the coverup is often worse than the dirty deed itself). However, there is a law of physics in social life , too: an action breeds a reaction. Had he not hung out his aging motorcycle-like power over a young girl (and employed her, no less), all this mess would not have happened in the first place. Case closed?
    But at least Long did have some guts–especially when compared to Card honchos in the other “P” case.

  25. Thank you Novena: This Plunkett guy is just in another world that’s subsumed with awe for the local ‘athletic club’. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was getting a paycheck from the Enterprise.

  26. Mr. Puckett is an employee of U of L. Just search the state employee database on the Kentucky newspaper and you’ll find out that he makes about 36000 or so being in charge of websites for the University of Louisville Medical School. He’s definitely a U of L toady.

  27. “Belknap as the Land of Milk & Honey for a Few”

    Bill, did you say he pulls down $360,000 at UofL for doing the Med School website? My God in Heaven–I thought JR & SW were the big payoffs!
    There should be a FACULTY & STAFF alert on this! Obama gets paid less for being the leader of the free world. A website? (That is why some of us are even angrier now, Jake–more at UofL for its continued stupidities and inequities.)

  28. “My Mea Culpa–I Must Need New Glasses”

    I squinted at the comment window and noticed that I counted one too many zeroes: it is $36,000. Whew, I was just about ready to storm Grawemeyer Hall! Still, not bad for website construction.

  29. Novena: Fair enough, and it’s enough to get by on. Also agree the coverup is always worse than the crime (usually). You would think these people would learn that, and, as a favorite radio personality says, “Sex is undefeated.”

    Bill: Not sure what you’re looking to accomplish by (again) posting information that I’ve never tried to hide, or that is public record. I’m not ashamed of what I do nor how much I get paid to do it. I like what I do and the people I work with.

    If you can do it better for cheaper, then come on down.

  30. The issue isn’t anything to do with what you do for a living, its just that you’re a shill for U of L. I’m not interested in your job because I’m not interested in hearing the U of L line or what the administration has to say. If you want to do it for cheaper, that’s your business. Just enjoy the fact that Ramsey makes about 20 times what you do and probably does less. Plus gets free housing from the University. I’ll stay self employed because my gig doesn’t involve licking the boots of some upper management type and his middle managers. Thanks for the offer though, I have better things to do with my time and money.

    Something else that might be mentioned is that I just answered one of the questions that a poster asked about whether you worked for the enterprise known as U of L. If you’re not upset about then why your concern about me posting that information. After all, it is a public record, its not some private tidbit that sits in some private area since anything public record is fair game.

  31. LOL Bill. Apparently you didn’t read my comments the first time you did that, nor this time neither.

    I could care less that you’re posting that information. In fact, I find it humorous that you think you’ve “outed” me in some way.

    BTW, to be exact, my salary is $36,200.

    Even more humorous is that you think I “lick boots” or “shill” or things of that nature. It’s your right to think so, I suppose, even if it’s not true.

    Keep on tell yourself that, though.

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