Barzun Discusses The Fad Of Business Incubation

We found this video of Matthew Barzun’s TED rehearsal at the University of Louisville on the YouTube machine:

It’s an excellent look at entrepreneurship. But the most important – and potentially hard-hitting – bit comes just after 12 minutes. That’s when Barzun discusses the fad of business incubators.

While most people won’t blink an eye at that, the business community in Louisville is now all Chatty Kathy (Chatty Cathy?) over Greg Fischer’s similar push over the past year. To them, Barzun’s remarks are a reminder of Fischer’s pipe dream of turning this city into a startup incubator – insulating a handful of favorites and friends from the realities of actual business and the real world. Or at least the problems associated with that kind of tunnel vision.

Unfortunately, it seems Fischer isn’t bothering to talk to his backers and friends – well-connected and bright minds like Barzun – when it comes to the nuts and bolts of governing. If he bothered to do so? Maybe Louisville would have much more of a bright future than it does currently.

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