Awesome School Board Candidates Are Awesome

There are some real gems in Louisville who try to run for school board.

They’re really awesome at, you know, representing the best of this city. Especially when it comes to spelling, grammar, and fancy “online Powerpoint presentations.”

Here’s one of those gems, a guy embroiled in the Jefferson County Public Schools suit regarding busing:

While we think busing kids half way across the county just to go to school is ridiculous? It’s clear that the people leading the fight against busing – and those running for school board – have no business doing either.

Waaaaait. Forgot to link you to his website.

The best part isn’t that he’s a race-fearer (or whatever the deal is):

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. We spend more money now than in the past and for what? Children that are too tired to actually have an everyday social life. And that’s what this so-called plan is supposed to achieve? Social Interaction among different races? I think we were perfectly fine with that before this plan came about. It’s time we stopped wasting money and start spending where it counts, back into our classrooms. We don’t need anymore politicians in our school system, we need parents to run it. That’s why im here,” said Chris Fell.

More on race:

Nope, it’s not that he wants to continue the failed D.A.R.E. programs. Not even that he doesn’t realize he, as a school board member, wouldn’t have the power to change laws.

It’s that he spends all day playing Facebook games rather than working to make the change he professes to be able to make.

5 thoughts on “Awesome School Board Candidates Are Awesome

  1. Words cannot express… And I thought SB had a large ego! Does anyone think about the kids?

  2. “God Help the Next School Board”

    Our school board candidates smile–
    In mirrors on their bathroom tile.
    Ain’t I great? Ain’t I so darn cool?
    I’m hopin’ the public is a god damn fool.
    Wait, now why am I really running?
    Am I caring, compassionate, or cunning?
    Hey, I love the kids, please be assured.
    But thinking about them just leaves me bored.

  3. WTF is this Fell guy smoking. he needs to give it up he is wasting his time and money. WOW!!!!!!.

  4. His website touts that he graduated from Jefferson County High School. Yeah, you might not want to announce to everyone that you went to an “alternative” high school when you are running for a seat on the Board. As you would say, Jake–head, desk.

  5. Not sure his high school has much to do with whether or not he’d be a decent school board member.

    I’m more concerned about the things he says and does today.

    He’s already got his mind made up about everything and can’t be bothered with different thought processes that, you know, most people are capable of considering. He’s got no concept of what the board of education does. Strange, really, when you consider the lawsuit with which he’s embroiled.

    He seems to have zero sense that many parents are happy with where their children get to go to school and the opportunities afforded them. Just as there are many parents upset with busing their kids all the way across town twice a day.

    The guy is in for a rude awakening and dose of reality when it comes to politics. He was an apathetic parent during the initial enrollment of his kid. Kid wound up somewhere he didn’t like and now he’s butt hurt. He had no clue about the process until it was too late. So then he sued and got addicted to the attention and limited notoriety and, bam, he thinks he can turn that into a political career.

    It’s almost sad to write about, really.

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