4/20 & Folks Almost Just Assploded, From Pot

Since the mainstream won’t talk about it, you probably won’t find out about it. But here’s a good look at the corruption at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and its latest shenanigans involving the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge. [Page One]

Remember last year when we told you Lynn Fischer thought she was taking over the local Democratic Party? And how she didn’t know what she was doing until Lisa Tanner – who has since left the state as a result of the Fischer/Beshear crews being dishonest with her – schooled her? That didn’t work out so well for Lynn. [Curt Morrison]

This girl at WHAS is wetting herself over Mittens Romney’s visit to John Schnatter’s Anchorage manse. Having held fundraisers there, Jake can tell you that it’s a crazy place. [WHAS11]

You know what’s unfortunate? The Kentucky Democratic Republican Party is working overtime to trash Sarah Lynn Cunningham. She’s running as a Democratic in the 19th State Senate District amongst the KDRP’s chosen boy, Morgan. Beshear’s crew have gone so far to call various unions to prohibit them from granting her an interview. And you wonder why the Democrats in Frankfort continue to fall apart. [Democratic Failure]

The family of a recently murdered 15-year-old boy is asking Jack Conway to take over prosecution of the accused killers. One of them was released because he gave up information on another case. They want the Commonwealth’s Attorney removed from the case. [WAVE3]

Seriously, this story is out-of-control insane. It’s almost as if local officials want the city to riot. Jesus H. [WLKY]

Here it comes! Even more talk about the potential merger of the Metropolitan Sewer District, the Louisville Water Company and Metro Public Works. Because that’ll improve Possibility City even more. Because each of those agencies have stellar management and zero problems, right? [C-J/AKN]

Just what New Albany needs! A death investigation after a woman is found dead. Found dead in the home of a registered sex offender, that is. [FOX41]

Ruh ro – here comes even more drama. Yet another outlet is claiming the Calumet sale is just a rumor. [Business First]

On a scale of one to Cornbread Mafia, how crazy is it that Butchertown almost exploded or whatever because some dude was trying to dry is pot stash? It is apparently a weed holiday so this story is fitting. [WFPL]

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  1. Why is the media using this guys nickname in stories? Do we need to know he is called “Hot Boy”. I am a fat guy myself and I told my wife if I ever have to go to jail please make sure they say Melvin “Big Sexy” R!

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