Why Is The Mainstream Eating Chip Keeling Alive?

Seriously, why is this Chip Keeling story an Associated Press story? Why is this relevant to news? It’s beginning to smell like someone’s got a personal vendetta against the guy. [H-L]

The orchestra and its musicians plan to sign a full agreement this week. Will the cat fighting finally end? [FOX41]

The mainstream finally wrote about that crazy book from Karen Sypher. Rather, from that person who doesn’t exist about Karen Sypher. Her attorney now says it could have been written by someone who “served time” with her. How someone could get to know everything about the case, find a publisher and get the book edited and into the public hands since she’s been in custody, we have no idea. We guess magic is real. [C-J/AKN]

Here’s more of WAVE’s slow spiral back into the depths of right-wing hooplah and away from a focus on news. You knew it would only last a couple years, anyway. [WAVE3]

Some fancy Lady Republicans that Mitch McConnell said agree with him? Turns out they don’t agree with him. Not even remotely. [Page One]

What? Yet another suspect in the murder of that 15-year-old boy was released from prison early? Imagine that. [WHAS11]

Papa John’s purchased 56 franchised restaurants which means the company continues to grow. [Business First]

This latest Teddy Gordon bullying story was the only thing local television stations could talk about yesterday. It was literally discussed ten million times. [WLKY]

An annual air quality report shows Louisville is making progress. But pollution? It’s still a huge problem. [WFPL]

Yet another downtown business is closing up shop. Seems to be the trend lately. Unless the business is affiliated with Cordish. [Consuming Louisville]

Metro Government and Greg Fischer are waking up a tiny bit. Joe Riffe has been given more time off – until August 31 – to try to get back into life with his new leg. [Prosthetic Medic]

17 thoughts on “Why Is The Mainstream Eating Chip Keeling Alive?

  1. I don’t know who’s crazier – Karen Sypher, or the editorial board at the C-J for allowing a PR release disguised as a news ‘article’ that only shows how coo coo this cougar really is.

  2. The question I would love to have answered with regard to the Chip Keeling story revolves around the surveillance/pursuit of him by police.

    If I read the story correctly, he was pulled over from driving on the wrong side of the road (obviously drunk) and told officers that he was responding to an accident involving a downed pole at Zorn & River Road. After he passed that area they pulled him over and he blew a 0.17.

    Why did they allow a man with a 0.17 BAC to continue to drive down a busy River Road where he could have hit an oncoming vehicle? Do the police commonly allow drunk drivers to play out their stories before giving them a sobriety field test?

    The police were obviously suspicious that he was intoxicated since they followed him and pulled him over.

  3. They arent pushing anything. Additionally portions of River Road was closed to two way traffic for Thunder, so its probable at the time he was driving on the wrong side of the road it wasnt illegal at the time.
    Why are you defending someone guilty of a DUI?

  4. The story isn’t being pushed, eh? So why is it a handful of folks at WHAS11 freaked out and have been pressing people non-stop to cover the story? Why is it members of Greg Fischer’s staff were the folks to point it out to me in a negative, nasty way?

    No one is defending Keeling. In fact, we said yesterday morning that he needs help.

  5. You’re kidding, right? You claim his getting clipped for a DUI isn’t a big issue? Aren’t you the one that got all over the metro parks guy for his mis-calculation?? What makes this any different? A little consistency…

  6. Who said it wasn’t a big issue?

    I believe I’ve said – repeatedly – that this is being pushed as a personal vendetta.

    And, for that matter, Mike Heitz is an employee of Metro Government. Chip Keeling is an employee of LG&E/PPL. Where’s the inconsistency?

    Mike Heitz drank and drove repeatedly. Greg Fischer knew about it. Tommy Clark knew about it. A whistleblower was involved and fired. WAVE3’s Eric Flack did a huge piece on the mess.

    If you want to draw comparisons, get your shit in check.

  7. LG&E pollutes our air and water and accelerates climate change by refusing to invest in sustainable sources of energy in Kentucky.

    Chip Keeling tells us it’s going to be alright because the coal ash is recycled. Only by that he means Charah, Inc. is using it for fertilizer in forage crops, and sending it to Peurto Rico and Panama. (Where it may likely end up on their beaches as happened with prior lawsuit in that region). Just because they sent me a free light bulb, I’m not going to give them a break on their public spokespeople.

  8. Chip Keeling tells us what his bosses put on paper and tell him to repeat. Regardless of what you think about it or I think about it.

    He’s not running for public office or constantly asking for media attention.

    Just like with John Boel – though, Boel was a very public figure who wanted to be a household name – we’re all ignoring the bigger issue. That people get eaten alive/cannibalized by the press. Particularly at stations where female reporters sleep with PR folks to get stories, sleep with candidates to try to get information and operate with zero ethics.

    We’re ignoring that these people – while obviously doing something wrong – need serious help. Merely tossing people to the wolves does nothing to solve the problem.

    People need to get a fucking grip.

  9. WOW!!!! who did Chip make mad. I have to agree this story is being pushed by someone. it’s was picked up by the AP and showed up as far as the Dallasnews and MSNBC . Mike Heitz gets drunk everyday of the week and his story never made it past the Lexington Ky news.

    “And, for that matter, Mike Heitz is an employee of Metro Government. Chip Keeling is an employee of LG&E/PPL. Where’s the inconsistency?”

    Got the point you silly bastards

  10. For Chip – his LG&E bio states he is a VP for LG&E. That is probably the reason it was picked up by the national press. I think they would have done the same if it was a VP for any other major company.

  11. Chip made an error in judgement when he drank and drove. When my son got a DUI in Lexington, he was so plastered he didn’t even know where he was. He stayed overnight in jail till I got him released, that alone scared the hell out of him. I wrote the officer a thank you card, by him stopping my son it saved his life. Chip needs to admit his error and move on.

  12. He did. He clearly needs help.

    And simply being an executive at a non-government agency is hardly enough reason to drag this story out, folks.

    The manner in which the story is being bandied about by a few is the issue we’ve been writing about. Not that Chip drank and drove.

  13. I think the story is being pushed by a few so they can prove a point if Keeling doesn’t lose his job. but the point is worthless in my opinion. you can’t compare someone drinking and driving in a privately owned company take home vehicle. to someone drinking and driving a tax payer funded take home vehicle. most people expect or government to hive higher standards than any privately owned company.

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