River Fields Cries Tears Of Joy Over Bald Eagles

What would you do if your home, place of employment and entire community were wiped off the face of the earth by a tornado? Recovery in Eastern Kentucky will take a long time and only the Red Cross remains on the ground supporting the people who most need it. [Click Here To Give]

What’s that? You mean MSD “accidentally” spilled another 2.5 million gallons of sewage into the Ohio River? We’d be surprised if it weren’t so commonplace. [C-J/AKN]

The Louisville Orchestra, which no one cares about anymore, rejected its musicians’ union proposal yesterday. The Orchestra says the players’ offer wasn’t financially sustainable. And this mess is never going to end, ever. [Press Release]

It’s completely weird that Cyndi Lauper will serve as grand marshal of the Pegasus Parade, right? [FOX41]

Sanitation workers in Lexington are petitioning for recognition as a union. Which means Republicans are freaking out, literally scared poopless. [H-L]

Of course local media will focus more on a tornado in Texas that didn’t kill anybody and only damaged about 800 homes than it did on multiple tornadoes in Kentucky that killed dozens and demolished thousands upon thousands of homes and businesses. [WAVE3]

Woah, this story about Muhammad Ali throwing out the first pitch at the new Marlins Park is less than happy. [HuffPo]

Metro Public Works is now seeking public comment on the Brownsboro Road sidewalk project. Which means Bob Gunnell will stop just short of paying people to freak out about it. [WHAS11]

On Saturday, the Obama Campaign will open its field office in Louisville. Which, well, doesn’t really mean anything, unfortunately. [Press Release]

Police in Clarksville found a bunch of marijuana inside an apartment and the local media is completely freaking out. [WLKY]

Do you think the guy who shot this cat with a bow and arrow would like to experience the same sort of pain? [84WHAS]

Now the east end bridge shenanigans get worse. Not only are we building a zillion dollar tunnel for nothing? Now there’s a Bald Eagle nesting site to deal with. [C-J/AKN]

4 thoughts on “River Fields Cries Tears Of Joy Over Bald Eagles

  1. I guess the Pegasus Parade organizers have shown their True Colors. (groan.)

    Any truth to the rumors I heard at work this morning that Cindi has a reality TV show in the works and this, therefore, might be a reason for her selection as Grand Marshall?

    BTW – why not offer the honor to a Louisvillian like Jennifer Lawrence? I would imagine she’s got greater – and more recent – relevance than Lauper, since she’s so unusual (I can’t stop!)

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