How Not To Get Back At Your Former Employer

An enraged (?) former television station employee in Terre Haute decided to shoot the place up:

Indiana officials are investigating an early morning shooting at a news station.

Employees at the NBC affiliate in Terre Haute say they heard gunshots outside the building around 4 o’clock Saturday morning.


Luckily, no one was hurt.

Police have charged this man — Kenneth Bolinger — with criminal recklessness and criminal mischief.

Bolinger is a former employee of the station.

Just a couple days before the incident? He posted this:


Here’s hoping the guy gets the mental help he needs.

Cordish Cos. Quickly Running Off Local Businesses

You already know this story: local businesses rarely move to Cordish-operated 4th Street Live and when they do, they don’t stick around long.

Turns out, those businesses are partly leaving because of Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees that get imposed on tenants without any warning. Often in amounts that are three or four times the amounts quoted by Cordish during lease negotiations.

One business leaving the strip this month was billed more than $50,000 in back CAM reconciliation fees. Two restaurant chains were hit in 2009 with back CAM fees reaching to 2003. When they asked questions and complained, they were threatened with legal action.

Seems to us, based upon the businesses we’ve spoken with, that Cordish makes a practice out of estimating low CAMs to lure tenants and then drops excessive charges on them. Bait and switch? It’s hard not to think so since hundreds of thousands of dollars get paid to Cordish from those fees for “management” and “services” each year.

Let’s take a look at just the 2009 fees:

  • Cleaning $95,503.85
  • Building Repairs & Maintenance $261,974
  • Loading Dock $35,799
  • HVAC $16,189.80
  • Elevator & Escalator $35,419.36
  • Security & Safety $281,412.12
  • Trash Removal $4,291.39
  • Control Center $84,762.97
  • Utilities $184,856.84
  • Mall Office Expenses $208,318.88
  • Contracted Services $427,363.24
  • Snow Removal $1,879.61
  • Insurance $82,991.79
  • For a total of $1,720.762.85
  • 20% Administrative fees were charged: $344,152.57
  • For a grand total of $2,064,915.42

We won’t even get into the 2007 and 2008 fees. (Though, you can see those after the jump>

Cordish tells tenants the large reconciliation is due to outdoor cooling.

It’s time for Adam Edelen to audit everything related to Cordish with Metro Government. Because Memphis was on to something. When Cordish tried to move to that city, the local business association banded together and sued both the city and Cordish. They eventually backed out of the deal over unfair business practices and such.

Possibility City!

View 2007 and 2008 fees after the jump…

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And The Grease Bucket Walls Come Tumbling Down

A new report says the air we breathe is among the dirtiest in the country — but another says the air quality is better now than ever before. [FOX41]

Local residents acknowledged the benefit the east-end bridge will provide to the region for the planned Ohio River Bridges Project, but called to stop the construction and the use of tolls on the planned downtown bridge. [News & Tribune]

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Steve Beshear’s crew are still withholding child-abuse death records. So much for promised transparency. [H-L]

How can you know there’s a loaded gun within reach of a three-year-old and leave it available for them to play with? And how stupid do you feel when that child kills its 18-month-old sibling? Come on, people, how many times does this have to happen? [WAVE3]

Police say human remains found in a southern Indiana man’s backyard have been identified as a woman who has been missing for about a month. [WKYT]

Really, way to go, Nawbny, with your death and murder and bodies buried in the back yard and such. [84WHAS]

Cannons Lane was shut down in both directions at I-64 Sunday evening after shots were fired at an officer during a police pursuit. You can’t even go to St. Matthews these days without getting shot. [WHAS11]

This guy in Indiana has felony convictions for lying about his voter registration. Meanwhile, Democrats in Frankfort like Ruth Ann Palumbo aren’t even questioned about their illegal registrations. [WFPL]

The Kentucky Derby’s annual running on the first Saturday in May provides a lesson, of sorts, in economics. [Business First]

WHEN WILL THE KILLING STOP? This is out-of-control crazy. Come on, Louisville, stop killing each other. [WLKY]

The former general manager of the KFC Yum! Center has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the Kentucky State Fair Board, claiming he was fired over statements he made to a consultant reviewing that arena’s operations that were critical of fair board president Harold Workman. [C-J/AKN]