The Karen Sypher Book Is On Its Way To Ruin You

Um…. She’s back like a herpes outbreak.

Get ready to vomit:


Here’s a taste:

A few minutes later, Tim excused himself and went to the men’s restroom leaving Karen and Father Bradley alone. Karen then said, “I would like to confess something, but I don’t want anyone to know about it.” She then took a deep breath, and told Father Bradley that she had been raped by Rick Pitino.

Sypher allegedly sold the rights for her story to Jim Faller, so we’re assuming “Giovanni Rustino” is a penname/pseudonym.

So take a few minutes to dry heave. And then start speculating.

Will the book reveal rumored details of gambling debts involving one of the key players in the scandal? The hot gossip is that somebody was placing bets for certain powers that be. But it’s just gossip and would likely cause a nightmare for UofL if it were true.

We may never know. Because no one is going to be able to read it.

8 thoughts on “The Karen Sypher Book Is On Its Way To Ruin You

  1. “Picking Someone to Play Pitino on Hallmark Channel”

    Rick’s pick: Al Pacino
    Karen’s choice: Danny DeVito

  2. “Picking Someone to Play Karen on Hallmark Channel”

    The odds-on favorite: Glenn Close, as she did in “Fatal Attraction”

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