Ruh Ro Moment For Ohio River Bridges Debacle

If you don’t want to donate to the Red Cross, call the Gateway Area Development District at 606.780.0090 – the organization has established a fund for tornado assistance and relief in Eastern Kentucky. [Just Do It]

This is a nice step for helping start-ups. But put it in a spot that’s convenient, where there’s parking and other business-related tools and it will be hugely successful. Otherwise, it’s downtown (inconvenient for most start-ups), folks are still paying to park and there’s nothing nearby. Greg Fischer thinks this is the most epic thing Metro Government has ever done, fyi. [WFPL]

House and Senate lawmakers on Wednesday pressed for more information about tolls that would help pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project, including how long the fees will need to be collected and who will have the authority to raise or lower them. [C-J/AKN]

If you can afford to read this but have not given something – even $1 – to tornado relief efforts in Kentucky? You should be loosely ashamed. Do so now. [Red Cross]

The Metro Council is working to put video cameras up in parts of west Louisville to catch illegal dumpers. [FOX41]

We told you what Murray State’s president was up to yesterday. Naturally, two Murray State employees demanded to know who tipped us off. Like we’d ever reveal sources. Ha. [Page One]

Whoopsiedaisy. Looks like the Ohio River Bridges Debacle has turned into another nightmare over tolls. [WAVE3]

The poisonous atmosphere of the U.S. Senate, stoked by Mitch McConnell himself, is starting to take its toll on the country. [Reuters]

Burglaries are on the rise in St. Matthews because nobody has a job and we’re all gonna die of the apocalypse in December. And probably because of the gays. And definitely because of women not keeping an aspirin between their knees. [C-J/AKN]

Some fancy park signage was unveiled and everybody is freaking out over it. [WHAS11]

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to buy something or give a business money in order to help tornado victims. It’s nice that foundations and charities are giving. But you can give directly to your non-profit of choice. [Business First]

It’s happened in Kentucky so of course it’s happening in Indiana. Some scumbag taking advantage of tornado victims. [WLKY]

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  1. “Some fancy park signage was unveiled and everybody is freaking out over it. [WHAS11]”

    I kept hopingthe new sign would read, Welcome to the “Jerry-Go-Round”

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