7 thoughts on “Rep. Yarmuth On Teevee Talking Health Care

  1. Great interview refuting Mitch’s lies about the Affordable Healthcare Act and how it could hurt the Repubs if the SC strikes it down. Wonderful job, Congressman Yarmuth. And here I am stuck with Geoff Davis (for the meantime)–Aaarrrgghh!

  2. At least there is one bright shining light in Kentuckiana politics. An are that gave us idiots like Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Geoff Davis, Todd Young, Mitch Daniels etc. – is blessed with John Yarmuth.

  3. Yada yada yada, Yarmuth is a junior member of the minority party in the House. His opinion is beneath worthless on this issue. He is potty-mouth Jack’s fave politician for some unimaginable reason, so gets a lot of special treatment here. Jack has a hard-on for the guy as all 8 regular readers know by now. Ok, lets start the timer and see how long before he takes this comment down. Jack impugns the integrity of everybody with constant torrents of profane adolescent toilet-talk but has proven to have a remarkably thin skin when his own judgment is challenged. Critical posts disappear here even quicker than Fischer’s Facebook page. Jack puts the H in Hypocrite every day!

  4. All 8 readers… every millisecond?

    Critical “posts” – you mean comments? They don’t disappear. Your nasty ass comments don’t get published because they’re hate-filled, Anti-Semitic bile on par with everything Frank Simon spews out. You, personally, have accessed this site more than 100 times in six days.

    You folks can hate John Yarmuth all you want. But get used to him. You’re not beating him until he decides to retire. You’re worse than Todd Lally, whose own family emailed us throughout his silly campaign against John. That’s how we got all the negative information. And they continue to email us because he continues to try running for office.

    And who is Jack?

    Jesus H. Concern trolls.

  5. Hey Jake, Please, please keep putting up those Yarmuth interviews! It just makes “Dalton’s” day! And who the hell IS Jack?

  6. Heh.

    My favorite part was the bit about hypocrisy. The mouth-breathers love to ignore the umpteen posts here and on Page One ripping John and his staffers new ones.

  7. Jack? Jake? What a lazy azz mistake…

    Probably at least a year back, by e-mail, I asked Mr. Y. and/or his staff to research how many U.S. legislators were already taking advantage of some of the new tenants of the health care law – such as carrying “adult” children on their policies, insuring folks with pre-existing conditions, etc.

    Hope Rand Paul is satisfied that he continues to receive Medicare, Medicaid, & insurance payments WORTHY of his labor as a doctor – while working to keep many individuals from their dream of receiving affordable medical care.

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