Louisville’s Economy Is Puppies And Rainbows!

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

If Kentucky’s State House can donate more than $25,000 for disaster relief efforts? Surely you can afford a dollar. [WLEX18]

In case you need a reminder about WHY the corrupt shenanigans go on in Frankfort with organizations like Kentucky Retirement Systems? It’s because even the most beloved Democrats are capable of turning a blind eye, making excuses and protecting their friends. [Page One Here & Here]

Here’s what John Yarmuth had to say yesterday about the $8.4 million to Kentucky through the School Improvement Grants program: “It is very encouraging that the federal government continues to support innovative education reforms in Kentucky,” Yarmuth said. “This grant will help Jefferson County schools and others throughout the state build upon the progress they have already made, so that more students have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.” [Press Release]

Isn’t this just what Louisville needs? Another consultant advising Greg Fischer about the utility merger options? That’ll solve this city’s problems for sure. [C-J/AKN]

Metro Council is considering an ordinance that could curb illegal scrap metal sales. [FOX41]

Looks like Greg Stumbo and Paul Patton were just cold making things up. Making the University of Pikeville a public school would not help significantly improve the number of Eastern Kentucky students with college degrees, according to a study on the issue released Thursday. [H-L]

The neighborhood schools bill barely passed a State Senate committee and is – like we’ve been telling you – likely dead in the water. [WAVE3]

Greyhound Express is bringing premium non-stop bus service to Louisville. This could be a good thing for travelers who don’t want to drive to Nashville or Cincinnasti. [Business First]

Tell us if you’ve heard this story before. A doctor meets someone in a bar and prescribes her medication she doesn’t need. [WHAS11]

Louisville’s unemployment rate has risen. Because our local metro economy is absolutely puppies and rainbows. Compassionate City. Possibility City. Sense of Place. Urban Core. Vibrance. Entrepreneurial Spirit. HEAD – DESK. [WFPL]

It’s been something like seven years since two men were indicted on murder and racketeering charges and they still await trial. [WLKY]

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  1. “Minds Are a Terrible Thing to Waste”

    Greg: “This study on UPike is a pile of chickensh*t!”

    Paul, “Now, hold on, Greg. We’ve got the power of politics on our side. It’s more potent than knowledge or academic wisdom.”

    Greg: “I always thought college was a waste of my energy.”

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