Louisville Is Lucky To Have Been Spared Death

Our coverage will obviously be a bit different this week. 100% of my efforts and the efforts of those who work for me are focused on Eastern Kentucky for the foreseeable future. It’s worse than Henryville and you’re not reading about it in the mainstream or seeing it on television outside of The Weather Channel, which has been most helpful in West Liberty. That crew is top-notch and I hope they’re awarded Kentucky Colonel status ASAP. -Jake

It’s been loosely crazy to watch this Jamilah Fraser-Jefferson County Public Schools story play out. [Toni Konz]

Metro United Way is working hard to help relief efforts in Southern Indiana. But please don’t forget that West Liberty, Kentucky – though two hours away – is also in serious need. [MUW]

Please donate through the Red Cross or volunteer via Kentucky Emergency Management. [Click Here]

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at this video we posted last night of a tornado close-up. It’s creepy. [Page One]

Take a look at the before and after photographs of the devastation in West Liberty. It’s alarming. [TWC]

It’s Monday and people are still unable to communicate in West Liberty. This is why Eastern Kentucky is in dire need of a real, functioning telecommunications system. [WKYT]

Mitch McConnell visited Jake’s devastated hometown and within an hour was making things happen to help the relief process. [FOX41]

The Kentucky Justice Association and the AAJ’s Trial Lawyers Care Task Force are collecting donations for relief efforts in storm-damaged areas. Supplies will be collected at the KJA headquarters in Louisville. So heads-up, lawyers. [Email Blast]

You can’t get gas or buy a pack of gum at a gas station without seeing the clerk get shot. Possibility city. [WAVE3]

The owner of the Indiana Colts pledged $50,000 for tornado relief. Where are the prominent Kentuckians offering the same? [Business First]

Everybody complaining about Jefferson County Public Schools being open for business today need to be thankful their kids have schools to attend. [WHAS11]

No matter how many times you read stories about the lengths that have been taken to clean up after deadly tornadoes, it’s still bizarre. [H-L]

It’s super-sad that Angel Babcock, the baby discovered in an Indiana field who lost her entire family, has died. Let’s not forget that dozens and dozens of other people have also died in Kentucky and Indiana and their lives are no less valuable. [WLKY]

For the most part, local media outlets have ignored the extreme tornado damage in their own state because Henryville is much more convenient (not to demean Henryville in the least). WFPL is one of the few outlets that has paid attention to Eastern Kentucky. [WFPL]

5 thoughts on “Louisville Is Lucky To Have Been Spared Death

  1. Henryville is in the local coverage area so they get the news. I would like to see one station get down there or simulcast local news stations there to let us know what’s happening in southern KY.

  2. Yeah, chuckled at that – try Eastern Kentucky. The photos I’m seeing from W. Liberty are horrific, to see such beautiful old buildings in such a wonderful community destroyed is heartbreaking. From the constant stream of communications I’ve gotten all weekend from emergency management and rescue workers in Central and Eastern Kentucky, though, I know they have been working long hours to do what can be done at this point. I understand that they will be assessing the physical infrastructure over the next few days, to decide what can be repaired and to get the utilities working to the extent it is safe to do so.

  3. Jake, I hope your loved ones are safe and you will continue to shine a light on the recovery of your hometown. Media need to get beyond the “miracle baby” coverage and provide sustained
    coverage of the aftermath and support for the ongoing recovery efforts. I understand that Henryville is in our local TV market and I assume Lexington stations had more immediate reporting from West Liberty. But the C-J should give plenty of attention to the Kentucky story which will involve state resources and our fellow Kentuckians going forward.

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