Look What We Found Swept Under Fischer’s Rug

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Before you read the rest of this, be sure to take a refresher on the scandal by clicking here.

Metro Government and Lynne Fleming, specifically, are claiming that Joey Sears (the guy shiz-canned for making sure Metro Parks Director Mike Heitz stopped DRIVING DRUNK in Metro Govt vehicles) never actually came forward, didn’t deliver documents and is deserving of being thrown to the curb. They’ve used their reasoning to kill his unemployment benefits, forcing him to repay nearly $9,000.

But you know what? It wouldn’t be Metro Government without those folks being absolutely, 100% full of horse shiz.

Here’s a copy of the complaint forms that were handed to Fleming the week after Sears was suspended for “talking and texting” (do I really need to publish screenshots of the Parks employees who text and tweet all day long about issues that aren’t work-related?):


Fleming swore under oath that she never received it.

Something tells us you’ll want to read the rest of this hot, corrupt mess after the jump…

Here are the handwritten letters from August that were delivered to Human Resources, including one mentioning a supervisor who allegedly stole scrap metal and used a Shawnee maintenance truck to take it to the recycling center, where more than $800 were allegedly received (he was asked to resign and allowed to collect unemployment benefits):

Not publishing the letters at full resolution, just proving they exist.

But it gets better.

Here’s a document from July 20th from Mike Heitz, the drunk driver (apparently typed by Nancy Ray?):


On July 5, Sears was sent home for an alleged no call, no show – despite having informed both supervisors he would have to be absent from work (there are telephone records that confirm the conversations and I have them in my possession). Sears’ time card was marked with vacation time prior to being submitted to Human Resources on Tuesday, July 5th. He was at work those other two days.

Metro still acts as if Sears didn’t report anything until after he was canned.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

This is what happens when you blow the whistle. Greg Fischer allows his people to ruin your life.

7 thoughts on “Look What We Found Swept Under Fischer’s Rug

  1. I don’t believe that it is any secret as to what has contributed to the creation of this mess: 1) a system that has incredibly poorly trained managers who are steeped in a culture of cronyism, favoritism and retaliation to those who dare not conform, and 2) an equally ill-trained, ill-equipped and incompetent HR function.

    The buck stops with the mayor. As long as he condones this type of culture in the Park’s administration (and in other departments as well) and supports the incompetence displayed in the actions in his HR staff, he is directly responsible for these clusterf***s along with the inherent waste of the tax payer dollars that occur in situations such as this.

    Well played Mayor. Some things just never change.

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