HAHA: In A First, UofL Says No To Greg Fischer

Woah, the University of Louisville said no to Greg Fischer!


The University of Louisville Athletics Department has turned down Mayor Greg Fischer’s proposal for a community rally in support of the Cardinals in their Final Four basketball contest with Kentucky, Fischer spokesman Chris Poynter confirmed Tuesday.

Fischer proposed the rally on the plaza in front of the KFC Yum! Center some evening this week, or in advance of the Saturday game in New Orleans, Poynter said.

“The mayor wanted it. He thought it would be good for the city, but U of L put the ax on it. There will be no rally,” Poynter said.

Poynter said U of L athletics officials said they wanted the team to stay focused on the game and they also feared that band members and cheerleaders might miss too much class time

Do you think Greg is pouting? Someone told him no!

FYI – we hear Poynter called his former colleagues at the C-J, like he does every day, to tell them about it. Maybe didn’t work out as well as planned.

9 thoughts on “HAHA: In A First, UofL Says No To Greg Fischer

  1. As I read the C-J article – with a tiny bit of smirk – I wondered if there were ulterior motives in process. Like attempting to defuse some post-game celebratory energy. Or to tap a crowd for additional revenues… Or whether Fischer actually saw an opportunity to “do something FOR” the fans in our community.

  2. “A UofL First, Indeed!”

    UofL Louie: “I’m proud that UofL nixed the downtown rally. We have enough fun around Belknap anyway.”

    UofL Lulu: “Yeah, we don’t burn things like Wildcat fans do. We go to class from time to time.”

    UofL Louie: “Maybe there was no money to be gained from the rally? I’ve learned to be cynical since coming here from Pippa Passes.”

  3. WHY do we need Ramsey’s permission to have a rally on a PUBLICLY OWNED sidewalk? We can still cheer on the team, have some good feelings and Ramsey can continue to pretend he gives a shizz if the players, cheerleaders and band members go to class. Can’t Fischer EVER do anything without someone’s permission?!!!

  4. Cavemouse: Answer to your question is — no, because he’s a politician who is constantly trying to ‘please’ everyone — INSTEAD OF LEADING. That’s why he’ll be defeated when he runs for re-election, because this city’s getting tired of ‘politicians.’

  5. LOL. It really doesn’t matter.
    >>one out of every ten students on the UofL campus are wearing UK blue…………….

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