Fischer-KRS Get Great Ass Beating From Oldfather

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Look, people, stop acting shocked that nothing is happening in Frankfort with the Kentucky Retirement Systems corruption. Just look at these old stories to see why your beloved Democrats are enabling the corruption and sweeping things under the rug. [Page One]

Ann Oldfather chapped some Greg Fischer-Kentucky Retirement Systems ass. That corrupt game is falling apart. [C-J/AKN]

Long story short, heads are exploding because people can’t figure out whether or not Amazon is building a distribution center in Southern Indiana. [WAVE3]

Louisville is the NUMBER THREE (#3!) city in the country for having the worst allergies. Meanwhile, Frankfort fearmongers powered by Hal Rogers’ pork (blow me, Kelly, you fucking hack – and I won’t apologize for the language. -Jake) are trying to stifle your ability to obtain affordable medication… since you don’t have health insurance, can’t walk to the doctor because there are no sidewalks and can’t afford to take a cab or ride a bus because you’ve just been laid off. [AAFA]

Sorry, there is no “debate” over Brownsboro Road traffic. It’s all Bob Gunnell foaming at the mouth because a few fat white guys paid him to. Bob’s just lucky Mark and Tim Mulloy feel sorry for him and are allowing him to work. Cute that the only people with “concerns” are people like the Dahlems and those who literally just speed through from Mockingbird Valley. [FOX41]

Remember Alisha Ward? And how we broke the story last year about her allegedly stealing mountains of cash from the University of Louisville? She was just charged with wire fraud and money laundering. Jim Ramsey will probably win awards for allowing her to swindle dough. [C-J/AKN]

This story about gas prices in the 1980s has been WHAS11’s feature for roughly three months. [WHAS11]

What’s the best way to waste tens of thousands of dollars? Ask Southern Indiana how they flushed cash down the toilet in an attempt to pull in tourism dollars after the bridge reopened. [News & Tribune]

We told you early last week that No Kill Louisville was donating 27,000 pounds of pet food to storm-ravaged Eastern Kentucky. The local media finally caught on. [WLKY]

A handful of people in Lexington are just cold terrified of some homeless folks. Can you believe they let homeless people outside?! [H-L]

LG&E and Metro Gubmint have yet to reach a settlement on those fancy coal ash fines. [WFPL]

13 thoughts on “Fischer-KRS Get Great Ass Beating From Oldfather

  1. I suffer allergies and occassionally asthma, and everytime I mention they’re triggered by anything remotely related to pollution or our coal-fueled power plants I’m immediately corrected with “There’s no evidence that…blah, blah, blah…”
    The same argument that allowed millions to die of emphysema, really? We supposed to fall for that again?
    Don’t get me started on these stupid satellite-connected inhalers from Greg’s Director of Alice in Wonderland-studies.
    I’ll tell you what does not trigger allergies or asthma: windmills. If Greg or Steve really cared about this issue, wouldn’t we see at least one of these…I mean, one is too much to ask?

  2. The same party has run Louisville since 1969. The dems have an entrenched machine here and the two-party model of politics doesn’t seem to work in Louisville. Given those facts, why in the hell would any thinking person expect anything remotely resembling “reform”? If you can’t get thrown out of office then you don’t really have to worry too much about your behavior!

  3. This has absolutely nothing to do with partisanship. The same corruption exists within both major political parties in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

    Democrats most certainly don’t have a machine in Louisville. The local party is dead in the water. It’s just that the majority of voters in Louisville aren’t mouth-breathers. And most Republicans will vote for Democrats that they like. Unlike in many other areas of the state.

    But you’re right about not worrying about consequences for actions. Jerry didn’t have to worry. Greg won’t have to worry (but he’ll likely get beat).

  4. How can they expect anyone to believe that a turning lane on lower Brownsboro rd. would hurt businesses. any person with a brain knows that a turning lane and a sidewalk that is safe would help business. making it easier to get in and out of. and the idea of making it 2 lanes going in for rush hour traffic and 2 lanes going out only proves that all they are worried about is being slowed down on their way home.

    “We’re on new territory here in terms of this process,” Fischer said. “That’s what our role is, to hear everybody, hear what they have to say and then make decisions that we think are in everybody’s best interest.”

    I guess Fischer expects the people in that area to believe they will make a decision that is in everybody’s best interest. who is this joker trying to fool. oh wait never mind he already fooled everyone into electing him. hind sight is 20/20 I wish I would have voted for King in the primary or better yet just voted for Heiner in the general election. Louisville is becoming an even bigger joke than it was when we had happy pants as Mayor.

  5. The sidewalk project has been going on for years.

    And the Dahlem bunch refuses to attend community meetings about it.

    This is just a bullshit excuse on their part to slow the project down. Can’t have a bunch of non-Maserati people walking around their precious businesses.

  6. Sounds like Mayor Fischer has a chance once again to step and and do whats right for the common people. Fischer is so out of touch with the community from portland to clifton to the south end.

    Other than wanting a fast lane for his friends Maserati’s I wonder what Dahlem’s motive is.

  7. I noticed Barbara Lee’s has a sign saying no to the sidewalks. My wife and I walk there when the weather is good on weekends and not having sidewalks makes it a crappy walk. Plus it would be easier for people parking across the street to make it across without being killed by a bunch of cars.

    In regards to Fischer…KRSwhatever.

  8. Seems to me that the walkers need to tell the businesses that if they do not support the sidewalks, they will no longer support those businesses. I doubt the “drive-thrus” are going to stop to support the businesses. I sort of wonder how many of the businesses are paying rent to a Dahlem related landlord….

  9. That’s the thing – these aren’t businesses that people in the neighborhood (or anyone, really) go to.

    Davis is a radio joint that does B2B.

    That skanky salon caters to the Mockingbird Valley sect. It changes names/hands every few months so there’s no way those people have a clue what the neighborhood needs.

    Everyone else just needs to walk to Kroger, the pharmacy, restaurants.

    It’s a few super-wealthy people complaining because they want to speed through a residential area to get downtown. No one wants to slow down to see a non-white person or a visually impaired individual walking on a sidewalk. And heaven forbid a non-white person be able to walk from their home to Subway without crossing a four-lane street. Oh, the horror.

  10. And in my neighborhood, we are BEGGING for sidewalks and can’t get them – even though Metro already owns sufficient right of way to put them in. (We have “pieces” of sidewalk but they aren’t connected.)

  11. Think the latest round of gas hikes will give a boost to “walkability?” I LUVVV being able to (safely!) walk to 2 neighborhood supermarkets. I enjoy the strolls thru my community, the health benefits, the fuel/cash savings, & the good fortune of residing in an area that HAS this walking convenience.

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