Everyone Forgetting Fischer’s Top Guy’s At KRS

Before anyone gets too excited over Kentucky Retirement Systems demanding $10.8 million in interest payments? Don’t forget that Greg Fischer’s top guy, Tommy, is the illegal appointee to the KRS board. They think they can get it because he’s Greg’s man. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville food trucks should probably be hopping on this wedding bandwagon. [NPR]

Why anyone ever believed Steve Beshear and Jim Host weren’t out to “get” Harold Workman is beyond us. He’s essentially admitting it on video now. And poor Kerri Richardson… where did her integrity go? [FOX41]

So this is Greg Fischer’s big plan for how to grow Louisville businesses. Literally, he’s got no plan. So he has to turn to Kickstarter. [Business First]

Here’s way more on the push in Frankfort to give government money to more people like Keith Hall with no accountability. And blaming this on John Rogers is a long shot. If these folks don’t want to prove how they’re spending government money, they ought not suckle at the teat of gubmint. [John Cheves]

Don’t forget that Johnny Bell and Will Coursey are pushing this corrupt mess to benefit their already wealthy friends. [Page One]

Why Occupy Louisville continues to fail and look stupid. They don’t bother filtering who represents them on the front lines. [WAVE3]

Innovation is not the problem with finance. It’s what comes later that matters. Just like innovation isn’t the problem with Louisville Metro Government. [The Economist]

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was in Louisville this week to address folks at UofL. He says sacrifices are necessary but seems to make the case that cuts are risky. [WFPL]

Woah, it’s almost Derby Festival time again. We’re always shocked when Pegasus Pins go on sale. [Snatch One]

Since the Ark Park is as much a fantasy as the myth that the earth is only 5,000-years-old, you should probably go check these overpriced dineysores out. [WHAS11]

Why on earth are people shocked that Glassworks is closing? The business has been in the press for a year for being a (literal?) hot mess. [Consuming Louisville]

It’s no longer marijuana, meth or crack that Louisville drug dealers are pushing. It’s steroids. [WLKY]

1 thought on “Everyone Forgetting Fischer’s Top Guy’s At KRS

  1. Kerri Richardson?

    She was the gate keeper (just about literally) for the Abramson administration, and his firewall to his adoring public. She answered the glass security door at City Hall as if she were an old lady peering through peep hole at an uninvited guest at night in a rough neighborhood. And this is after you had gone through security, including the metal detector, and presented whatever credentials you had there.

    She spun long and strong with whatever Abramson questions came her way, and did it in a way that suggested a sycophantic velvet hammer.

    I can only assume she does the same thing now in Frankfort.

    She seems to have sold whatever soul she had long ago.

    The again, it could just be a job.

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