Did You Hear? UPS Is Running A Funny TV Ad

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Do you need a pee-alert worthy story to read this morning? Check out this piece by a woman offering suggestions of what to do in Louisville during March Madness. It includes such highlights as the “pedestrian mall” called Fourth Street Live and Louisville Mega Cavern. Because those are obviously the most terrific things Louisville has to offer. [H-L]

The corrupt folks running Kentucky Retirement Systems (translation: Greg Fischer’s top guy, Tommy E) got another, official free pass from Jack Conway. [Page One]

The local economy is so jacked that GE received 10,000 applications for just 230 jobs. [FOX41]

Do your eyes roll back in your head when Greg Fischer trots something that someone else has done out to take credit for himself? Just like he’s doing with this asthma study? [C-J/AKN]

Apparently, the most important news story ever is that UPS is running a television spot featuring basketball game footage from 20 years ago. [WAVE3]

Surely we’re not the only ones who look at this Jim King-Downtown Management District-Grease Bucket Arena deal with a raised eyebrow. [Business First]

You can’t even go to a hotel in New Albany without nearly drowning these days. [WHAS11]

Childhood asthma rates are rising as mouth-breathers threaten clean air rules. This is exactly what the United States needs. [HuffPo]

What the hell is going on in Pleasure Ridge Park? Kids getting arrested at school and bomb squads being called to homes? Surely something is in the water in the South End. [WLKY]

A new report is urging policymakers to consider the long-term sustainability of the coal severance fund in Kentucky. [WFPL]

A few days ago we rolled our eyes over Greg Fischer snubbing a Portland community meeting because he was on “vacation.” Here’s betting he won’t miss his meeting with the Frankfort Avenue Business Association, though, because it involves people with money. [‘Ville Voice Flashback]

12 thoughts on “Did You Hear? UPS Is Running A Funny TV Ad

  1. My guess is that folks are really upset Laettner stepped on a UK player during the heat of a game played 20 years ago. “What ifs” won’t change the past. For the record: I want UK to win it all this year, I’ll root for UK (or UofL) to win ’cause I live in the Commonwealth, I have the Wildcats winning the Tournament in my bracket, and my wife’s a non-sports obsessed UK grad, but there’s more fun and excitement in college football. I guess since I wasn’t born in KY I’m not obsessed with the round ball…

  2. While the economic job picture isn’t strong anywhere, the GE application number demonstrates that the worst segment lies in unskilled labor. The unemployed with skills can or will find a job, but those without skills are likely never to see the level of employment come back to where it was.

    There are multiple reasons, but bottom line is that everyone is worth what it costs to replace them. This is why child care workers make minimum wage, and CEOs, elite athletes, and entertainers make millions.

    In the 1980s, the academic elite, with good intentions mind you, decided that everyone should have a college education instead of having them pursue a skilled vocational trade. There was a stigma attached to vocational skill training that didn’t exist the in the 1960s and 1970s. So instead of learning welding, machining, masonry, carpentry, HVAC and electrical contracting skills, we pushed those kids into community colleges to many times obtain useless degrees while going tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

    When I’m in an industrial site and I go back into the tool and machine crib area, it is shocking to see a machinist under the age of 50. These folks made very good money because they are in high demand. I know many independent electricians, plumbers, and carpenters that make more than PhDs.

    We really need to focus on the young people getting vocational skills or skilled degrees instead of just shooting for a college degree, regardless of the area of study. Any college degree doesn’t guarantee you a job anymore. Your best shot at finding employment is having a skill that is in demand. That skill may come from your field of study (accounting, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, nursing) or it may be a vocational skill.

  3. Re childhood asthma: Reflections of a Boomer — As a member of the first groundswell of post-WWII school children, I was in extremely large, single school classes (48-60 pupils 1st thru 6th grades, 77 in 7th grade, 65 in 8th grade). I don’t recall a SINGLE case of ANY of my classmates having asthma. And as we survived convincingly on lunches of peanut butter and/or baloney, I don’t recall any “nut allergies” in any of our contemporaries. (But we did have 1 1/2 cases of severe acne.)

  4. That Laettner head stomp still riles me up. UPS has committed a BIG Commonwealth of Kentucky PR faux pas.

  5. Let’s see…we took people out of their homes for UPS to locate in our city..we have horrible air quality thanks to their airplanes…please don’t smack the face of the community that has bent over backwards to help you. I will never ever forget that Duke game and how we were robbed of our title……so tell your little northern yuppie PR person he messed up big time.

  6. Chip & Jocko…..two things in Louisville you don’t want to do..call someones mother a name or insult people who love basketball. If they want to show logistics from point A to B than why didn’t they show something from Valhalla where their Corporate people have golf memberhips. Leave Pitino out of it….I see the faces of those heartbroken Kentucky players.

  7. “Don’t Play It Again, Sam”

    Rocky: “Rick, that damn UPS tv ad has me ballin’ like a baby.”

    Rick: “Forgettaboutit, Rock. I just don’t deal with negativity. Life goes on.”

    Rocky: “I can’t, Rick. Seein’ Duke do that to us–my eyes still water and my pants are wet.”

    Rick: “They just caught lightning in a bottle, amigo. Let’s go to Porcini’s for some play time.”

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