LMAS Once Again Half-Assing All Communications

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Repairs on the Cherokee Park Pavilion are set to start soon. This is a good thing for Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Maybe David Tandy should stop BEING PARTIALLY AND DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the Cordish disaster before he starts talking about his desire for more minority businesses on 4th Street. [WFPL]

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers is backing emergency legislation to help Kentucky’s tornado victims. The proposal would provide tax relief to owners of buildings damaged in the March 2 tornadoes and assist schools and staff suffering with potential loss of funding because of absences caused by the disaster. [H-L]

Metro Animal Services is allegedly putting out pleas because its kennels are full. But you wouldn’t know it. Because Margaret Brosko hasn’t done a goddamn thing to spread the word to people who can actually help with the situation. Greg Fischer should be kicked square in the ass for hiring these folks and paying them a third of a million bucks to further run the agency into the ground. [WAVE3]

Remember Robert Felner? Seems his scheme of robbing everybody blind is a popular one. So you know it’s still going down at the University of Louisville, as well. [EBRI]

Reading the comments on stories like this one perfectly illustrate the serious disconnect of Louisville’s “mainstream” news media. It’s all about doing what’s easiest and making a buck. [FOX41]

The Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would allow parents to send their children to the school closest to their home but its sponsor said it probably will not be approved by the House. [Bluegrass Politics]

If you don’t think there’s a homeless problem in the metro area, you aren’t paying attention. This story is a great example. [WHAS11]

If you accidentally get terra-isted, U.S Postal Service workers in Louisville can maybe help you, with the anthrax, maybe. Which means we’re all gonna die because the USPS can barely function as it is. [C-J/AKN]

Kentucky Retirement Systems is absolutely no stranger to big time ethics violations. But that doesn’t mean anybody will ever be held accountable. [Page One]

Why should you care if an Amazon distribution center is built in the area? Because they’re turning into monster profit hubs. [Business First]

14 thoughts on “LMAS Once Again Half-Assing All Communications

  1. The USPS works remarkably well, when Congress isn’t making them pre-fund pension plans for people that aren’t even born yet.

  2. Ok i did some research. there is a job open for an assistant parks director for $65,000 a year. so I guess this guy is filling in until they find a new one. wonder why they would we need another assistant parks director.

  3. I’m going with money down the drain. research says this Jason Canuel has been interim assistant since Feb.

  4. Re Felner / U of L thievery: I was going to ask you much earlier today what was happening to get any justice for Alicia Ward who raped U of L’s Equine Fund. WELL, per late afternoon stories, NOT MUCH. But finally, at long last, SOMETHING.

  5. Wow i had no clue that metro government had 2 assistant directors of parks. plus a director

    total salary a little over $183 grand for the 2 assistants. plus take home vehicle

    almost $112 grand for the director. plus take home vehicle

    what in the world do these folks do to deserve this kind of money ?

  6. in the middle of 2010 Brosko starts out as the public information supervisor for parks and recreation . all I ever seen her do was get hugged on by the assistant parks director. now she is the public information supervisor for metro animal services and a almost $20,000 dollar pay raise to boot. How about proving you are worth that extra $20,000 and do the job you were hired to do.

  7. Oh and not only did she get a $20.000 a year pay raise she is now the second highest paid public information supervisor in city government and has less time in than most everyone else. I think I will go sleep under my desk now

  8. Oh wait I’m sorry I need to rant a little more. I don’t get it. Brosko has all this experience of televising the up to date sporting news of Ohio. but she doesn’t seem to want to get quick up to date information out to the public. or the people who can help LMAS. Its BS that people who care and work hard have to put up with someone being over paid to do nothing. Brosko needs to go back to doing what she seems to do best reporting on local high school sports. just do it in another city. and take that overpaid juvenile Scally with you.

  9. I’m sorry I didn’t see this post when it first came out. I would ask that everyone reading this go to Animal House and ask Brosko and Scally, if they are so full (presumably at Manslick where no one can adopt an animal) why they have an ENTIRE hallway of empty kennels at Animal House. This is in the back, the last row where the smaller cages are. They have been empty for months.
    This new group that is running the two facilities have no experience running a shelter (with the exception of Scally, who worked at one). They have no idea what is about to hit them in terms of volume. In a week or so, people will be lining up at the door at Manslick with animals in laundry baskets and shopping carts. Then what? There is no game plan, other than being in a constant reactionary mode. How about putting some of these animals on Petfinder? LMAS currently has a grand total of 36 dogs on Petfinder, and 5 of them aren’t even in the shelter. This is out of more than 200 at both shelters. I wish the public would demand to know what is really going on over there. Oh yeah, they just got thrown out of the Rescue Waggin program as well. The explanations are dubious at best.

  10. If they had a plan, it’d be working right now.

    And if they had any sense, they’d be taking advantage of my readership right now to find these animals homes.

    Instead, it’s a bunch of bitter hacks who can’t handle any sort of legitimate criticism at all. So they shut down and continue to fuck this city in the ass with a rusty butcher knife.

    And when I say bitter? I mean bitter. I’ve been trying to renew my dog’s license for a month and it keeps “getting lost” or people have no clue what’s up when I call. Like that isn’t personal?

    Human shit stains.

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