What The Heck Is Going On Near Dixie Highway?

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Take a look at what Miranda Lambert is doing with proceeds from her concert. You should consider doing something similar if you’ve got gobs of cash. [WLKY]

In light of the recent tornado disaster, the state legislature STILL wants to END BASIC TELEPHONE SERVICE for many in the poorest areas of the Commonwealth. [H-L]

You should check out this story about a horse getting picked up by a tornado and surviving. [WKYT]

That Kentucky Retirement Systems report is causing heads to roll like woah in Frankfort and Warshington this week. [Page One]

Local teevee folks have been freaking out over a juvenile snatching iPhones from people as they walked around with them downtown. [FOX41]

Public transportation usage is up in Louisville. And continues to rise. But you’ll never see anything resembling light rail or real public transit, thanks to your city and state electeds. [NYT]

Guess you can’t go to Dixie Highway without getting mobbed/attacked by a hundred crazy teenagers. [WAVE3]

Greg Fischer finally decided to order a study of Fourth Street Live after the nightmare of that Cordish loan failure. [WFPL]

First price gouging, now this. Should make you feel really safe when buying gasoline. [WHAS11]

No one trusts the Metro Council to decide what is and is not an historic landmark. We can’t say we blame them. [C-J/AKN]

The reaction from LMPD folks regarding a Metro Corrections guard – and recruit/cadet – smuggling contraband into the jail is interesting. [LMPD.com]

Prediction: hordes of the gays will flood the Frazier Museum to view the Diana exhibit. [84WHAS]

9 thoughts on “What The Heck Is Going On Near Dixie Highway?

  1. Is there anything for the young teens to do along the Dixie corridor except hang around the movie theater or roller skate? (wheeee!)

  2. A study of Cordish is surely needed, but there’s a significant question as to whether a $10,000 study done by UofL will be sufficiently “independent” to produce any worthwhile information. What does anyone at UofL know about this? I’m sure that some entity has done a similar study of the Cordish offerings in Kansas City and Houston (among others).

    I can hear them now.
    Mayor: We have to do a study of your operation in order to quiet and shut down the criticism.
    Cordish: OK
    Mayor: I recommend we do it with UofL, because that way we can (kinda) control the results.
    Cordish: OK, as long as we don’t pay for it.
    Mayor: Greeeaaaatttt. Happy days are here again.
    The public’s in the dark and the Louisville/Cordish tie is even tighter.

  3. Why, exactly, is a study needed for the city to know it’s NOT getting any sort of return on investment?

    Greg thinks you can study and commission and roundtable your way to success. Further illustrating his lack of experience and leadership ability.

  4. A study is needed in order to deflect attention and diffuse the issue. We’ve done it for decades around here. A ‘study’ is only valuable when it’s independent, done by true experts and exposes the weaknesses. Best recent example of such a ‘study’ is the one done by the Northwestern Univ. national expert for our County Attorney, which completely exposed the lunacy of “the great Merger” of the local hospitals.

  5. When you pay an extortionist the first time, they always come back for more. They know if you pay once, you’ll pay again.

    Hey, I have an idea…..How about spending $10,000 to a national real estate firm to see if they can find a tenant to fill the space that doesn’t require a “forgivable” loan for the build out.

    A “forgivable loan” is an oxymoron. It’s called a gift.

  6. I just did some math. If I open a bar on Fourth Street and never pay a dime to Cordish, since they are the landlords, and after 5 years Cordish evicts me, they get $14,166.66/mo in rent from the city. Anyone know what the actual rent for 4th Street is? Anyone got the number for the business licence office?

  7. The Jefferson county clerks website look under legal records, then assignment of rents and leases (ARL) to get the rent amount.

  8. There is NO rent that the Cordish Co. pays the city !….The City gave them the property for $1.00

    Then they gave them $ 50+ million in Forgivable Loans to do the buildout,& for general operating expense,

    Then the Bar and nightclubs that were leased to outside independent operators Paid Rent to Cordish which they Got to Keep !…. Then when those places folded up the City gave Cordish more free millions to renovate theose clubs into NEW Clubs that CORDISH owns and operates!….So Cordish Owns the Property , has the benifit of collecting rent from the HArd Rock, TGIF,Ri Rah, ,and whoever else is down there!….aqnd when they belly up !….The city gives Cordish more FREE MONEY!,,,,,HA HAHAHA,,<OH<OH<HA<OH NO OoOOO!!!…That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard.
    I have some property downtown and would like the City to Give me some free Money so I can get me a tenant TOO!

  9. Metro support an actual local business owner?


    Yeah, right.

    And people wonder why I conduct 99% of my Kentucky business for both of my companies in West Liberty instead of Louisville. And why the rest of it is conducted in Arizona.

    Louisville is not the haven of magic that Greg Fischer wants folks to believe.

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