Council Ethics Committee Discussing Cordish

Today at 5:30 P.M. the Metro Council Government Accountability & Ethics Committee will hold a meeting over the Fischer Administration-Cordish Cos. shenanigans.

While they’ll also review recommendations made in the 2011 Ethics Annual Report, the Fourth Street Live mess will be front and center.

These councilcritters are on the committee:

  • (R) – Jerry Miller (19)
  • (D) – Brent Ackerson (26)
  • (D) – Tina Ward-Pugh (9)
  • (R) – Kevin Kramer (11)
  • (D) – Robert Henderson (14)
  • (R) – Kelly Downard (16)
  • (D) – David Yates (25)

It’s important for everyone to pay super-close attention to these discussions because Cordish is about to walk away with $850,000 of your tax dollars. Again. For talking a restaurant into renting space from them. If any of these people allow it to happen? They should be held politically accountable.

15 thoughts on “Council Ethics Committee Discussing Cordish

  1. Who can attend this meeting?….And can I ask specific questions & address the committee in I attend?

  2. I read the article in the Curious Journal, and I am choosing my words carefully so this will get posted. This plan that I’m sure King Jerry grafted up needs to be ended and Cordish needs to be run out of this town immediately if not sooner. We can find someone else to overcharge us to update & repair the Louisville Gardens (I know they changed the name again I could have called the Louisville Armory). At least the council wasn’t dumb enough to fall for the “new tenants” that were going to move 3 blocks and land Cordish another windfall, after the media got a hold of that and drew pictures for our council, rather than use confusing words like corruption, deceit, & dishonesty which of course King Jerry embraced.

  3. I have expressed my concerns with my councilperson just as I have done in the past. Time will tell if my voice was heard.

  4. Elections have consequences.

    Over the last 43 years things have gotten a little too cozy.

    How brazen of the administration to try again just three weeks after being “busted” on the three-block-move fiasco was exposed.

  5. Bill,

    Not brazen, just arrogant. After all this is the status quo that this city has accepted for the previous eight years.

  6. I only caught a little bit of the last part on Metro TV…David Morris is part of the OLD Regime and if he is truly that dumb ?….as dumb as he acted in that meeting?, then he needs to be GONE. The whole idea of giving Cordish ANY more money($850k) & trying to act like it’s a reasonable deal compared to the little loans that have been doled out to other business that have petitioned for such downtown , is insulting!….Why would they give out $50k & less little business loans to real people trying to make a real effort , & shower Cordish with amounts almost 20 times greater?…..GET Rid of this SCAM once and for All!…..If Cordish wants Free $$$$ , give them just enough for a bus ticket ‘Out of Town”

  7. He is a retiree who does not really want to actually work but cannot give up that second paycheck. Time for him to really retire and for the last vestiges of the old regime to be gone. He is dragging down the whole department.

  8. He is not dumb but he does not care — he is going to be paid no matter what. He is resting on his laurels from the waterfront project.

  9. THE WATERFRONT PROJECT!!!!!!! Has anyone ever examined what was spent (over $200mm) and how much revenue it brings in ($0). Other waterfronts bring fortunes to cities. How about the piers in NYC, or the waterfront at South Beach, or the Riverwalk in San Antonio, or the waterfront in Seattle, or the Ocean waterfront in Santa Monica, or the waterfront in Baltimore.
    Louisville’s is certainly NICE, but there’s not a thin dime made off it and over $200 “LARGE” was the cost.
    So if Morris is taking credit for that, then he’s, indeed, an idiot.

  10. Yep, he was in tight with Karem and it was their project. By all rights, Waterfront should have just been part of parks, but Karem couldn’t work for the city so they created a separate entity so that he could be in charge of it. But it was always treated as if it was part of the city, Morris, who was with the City Law Dept at the time, represented it and handled most of the legal work related to it. Clear conflict, but that was Jerry for you.

  11. rplant: Karem couldn’t work for the city, because he had a job as a State Senator. So a p-o-s-i-t-i-o-n was created for Mr. Karem that allowed him to draw down two hefty paychecks and participate in voting for the funding (from the State) of the Waterfront Park. Nice wasn’t it. Never covered in the Kentucky Newspaper. Was it?

  12. Has anyone heard or seen the Cordish operating expenses and reconciliation charges that are being imposed on 4th street live tenants which includes a 400k management fee per year?

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